Friday, December 30, 2005

Best time of our lives!

Harlo harlo guys, i found a temp job! Haiz.. tho it's not any good job but i thought i could just work for the time being. It's really hard to move on without the "M" thingy. Haaaa. I need a new hp, a pair of new contact lens, more clothes and more ppg's collection! HAAA. But.. i hate to work.

Chinese New Year is coming~! Just plain thinking about it makes me so happy! It's as if i'm back to 1o years old, i'm still so excited when i fast woke up in the morning then. Also! CNY eve, helping my mommy with all the red packets thingy, slotting all the new notes..! Heee. Now my family abit on losing end yea, my parents are giving out angbaos and so is my sister. I'm the only one receiving now. =3

Guess when we grow up, alot of things tend to change. We are always so happy in the past, there's like no troubles, no responsibility, no burden.. Mom ask us to wake up, go sch, come back, eat, sleep.. life seems to be so "zi you zi zai". Now we have no one to tell us what to do, which route to choose.. suddenly we all slow down and think.. and think and think and think, like now i'm still thinking. Wahahaha.

Time is going to pass real fast when we're 20 odd. T.T Working really speed up our time, right? Without you thinking, maybe a week could have already past by! Argh.. studying is good, how i wish i can go back to secondary school huh? At that time it's just studying and studying and studying.. especially when we have the whole afternoon to slack at the void deck or nearest kopitiam.

Ahhhh. It's like already 5 years after my secondary school, how i wish if everything can start all over again? Erm.. don't regret!! Haaaa~

Alright, 2006 is coming! How fast! Argh, i'm old already. Haaaaa. I wish everyone GOOD HEALTH, ALWAYS HAPPY and most of all WEALTHY~!

*santa claus is back to finland*

* * * * *

I actually wrote about some other things in this entry, but i have decided to delete it 'cause i guess it wouldn't do much help. *shrugs*

Hope my entry bores you. Haaaa.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I amazingly "on" my comp, thus here to blog since there might be no next time.

Yesh! Have been going out every day since last wednesday, and i'm still going out today. Imagine the money flying out of my pocket.. argh.. =(

This christmas eve i went watching NARNIA~! ROARRRR~ Haaaa, i love Aslan lor, voice so freaking deep and sexy. Haaaa. The four kings and queens are all crap, 'cause Aslan rules. When the witch ordered those ugly animals to cut off Aslan's fur i was so so near to exploding lor. =`(

These christmas celebrations were great, i enjoy being with everyone and YESH! i love all the pressies and cards. =) Thank you guys once again.

Guys i'm late already!! Haaaaa, tataz!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

2006 Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

1) Find a GOOD job with GOOD colleagues
2) Dieting.. down to 42 *top of my list every yr =)
3) Enjoy my life as much as possible
4) Be kind to all
5) Learn to appreciate and not take for granted
6) Learn from mistake and not repeating them again and again
7) Treasure my loved ones
8) Make more friends
9) Earn more money alright!
10) Learn dancing.. New Jazz? =)

Hopefully i'm able to accomplish them 'cause i didnt manage to fulfill my 2005 resolutions this year.. =( Well, maybe only one or two bah.. awww. =x So, i brought over some old ones with the new ones and hope i can accomplish more of them. Heee, JIA YOU!

p/s: i won't be blogging often alright, you guys take care.. =)


Okay guys, my computer is officially dead AGAIN. Haaaaaa, so.. =`( Anyway, Merry X'mas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

New Year Resolutions.. later.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Wonderful =)

Thank you guys for the wonderful dinner tonight! I had a very satisfying meal and yea, i love the photo-taking session! Thanks again for all the gifts, brownies and cards. I've read all of the cards and yes i will keep them for a lifetime. *wink

Weee, my blossom!!! I totally love it tho i had a terrible time carrying it to and fro. Her head is like sooo big. HA! Mic and kierra kept kicking her poor big head when we were climbing up the stairs. Tsk, very mean leh you guys! Now im placing her with the other blossoms.. Heee, my proudest ppg's collection.

Blossom, 4 times my head size.

Canmake eyeshadows~! YES, i need them to make my eyes GLOW! Erm.. haven tried making smoky eyes, but i guess i can try it tml? HAAA! Thanky thanky, and chocolates..! Wow, didnt expect it~ But i love this DOVE you know! Got it last yr as a exchange gift i think.. erm, i finished it within a few days. Yum yum.

Hee, i curl my hair today.. just for this occasion! Keke, i spent around an hour curling it~! Argh, my hands became so sore after all the holding and turning! Haaaa, sprayed almost a litre of the hair spray on my hair. =d The hair spray wrote => Super Hard, but i guess the holding just couldn't make it. After like for a few hours, the whole hair turn from curls to messy and frizzy hair.

See, it looks so bad after 5 hours. Haaaa and i look so old, man! Stupid hair.. makes my head look so big, so in-proportionate! Argh.. but hey, everyone was so well-dressed! Keke, happy to see everyone wearing mei mei. =) *my blusher was like soooo red lor! Heee, me bought a green tank top for the occasion too. ^^ Sorry i didnt wear the gown as promise. HAAA!

Haiz.. tml i've to go for some children's excursion at the yakult factory and stupid vegetable farm i think. =.= Imagine me, someone feeling so tired, helping out to take care of the little spoilt kids? I would be very happy if they dun scream and shout hor. =x Have to wake up at freaking 7am! Ouch, it's already 2.18 now! And I'm not even tired...

Next next day is the Christmas eve, then is X'MAS DAY! Yay, finally this season is over soon. =) I've been spending too much and i think im declaring bankrupt very soon.. i think might be sooner than xuexue lor. I can't hold out for too long, have to find a work pretty soon. Hmm.

Alrighty, lastly wanna say CREEPYKAMX rocks big time, babes! We must meet out more often okies, but maybe we can go for some steamboats or something lah.. restaurant, we will have to wait for another period of time. Whahaha~

Thanks for the gifts, you guys are really sweet. Woooo, 2005 is coming to an end. *sigh

Sunday, December 18, 2005

King Kong!

First i want to share with you guys a story.

Not sure if you guys have read today's Newpaper, but it's about a man who found a SGD$25,000 diamond ring in his car. The diamond ring is made up of 3 diamonds, 1 big 2 small, and the big diamond have small diamonds surrounding it.

Real cool huh? At first you would think who's that lucky guy who managed to find the ring? Will anyone think about the man who placed the ring? Read on..

This guy found a note in his car with that gorgeous, diamond ring *tink tink*:

"Merry Christmas. Thank you for leaving your car unlocked. Instead of stealing your car, i gave you a present. Hopefully this will land in the hands of someone you love, for my love is gone now. Merry Christmas to you."

How sad right?!! Argh, really sympathize that guy huh? He must have been hurt so deep or he wouldn't have given the diamond ring away.

Anyway that guy who found the ring decided to keep it. Awww. So... if you think there will be another time, you might want to unlock your car for a day? Oooh and i have to tell you, this case didn't happen in sg lah. =)

Alright! And the second thing i wanna share is Kingkong~!! ROARRRR~~

Went for da movie with kierra and esther~ Haaaa, the threatre was soooo packed man! We got a really good view of the movie (good seat), and yesh i enjoyed the movie very much.

Thru-out the show, esther was covering her ears all the time! Me and kierra was like wondering, "is the show that scary?!" Haaaa, but i did cover my ears when the dinosaurs appeared. Wooooow Kingkong was so "man" in the movie! He shudn't have died lah. Woops, let out the ending.

It's a very long movie, yesh 3 hrs. Thru-out half of the show i'm already like so high tide but i bear and bear and bear until the show end. Haaaa, after my lesson learnt during "Titanic" (I was cold, hungry, thirsty, very high-tide), i brought in sushis, drinks and my jacket. =)

The female lead looks very familiar, dunno who she is but one thing i know is, Kingkong loves her very much. Haaaa, he died for her! Tho he's a beast and ate up alot of innocent lives, but i can say he's quite soft when he met the chiobu (Like what kierra says... soft) His blond chiobu okie!

I would rate it 3 and 1/2 stars 'coz i dun like fantasy genre and the front part was really abit wishy washy, too draggy i would say. And.. Kingkong died, so i decided to cut away the 1 and 1/2 stars. Keke. I have a friend who loved the show! Rating of the show depends on people yah.

Alright, i've finish blogging.. Will update again pretty soon.. i hope. Haaaaaa.

Till then, tata.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Life short okie

It's been a really long time since i have a decent entry. Like what i tell xuexue, when you have no life, you have nothing to blog.

All these while when i'm not working, i slowed down my pace and look at thing around me.

I realised my dad and mom have turned old. Whenever i look at their white hairs, when their complain about their health deteriorating, my heart just ache so much. Too much things happen around my friends, at our age we just have to accept whatever things that comes by. Seriously I've learnt to treasure them, 'cause you won't know what's going to happen tml.

Yesterday when i'm discussing with my mom about moving our hse 5 years later, she told me not to think so far. Tho i appeared calm and replied her with my nonsense, i was terrified when i heard her saying that.

But not just our elderly, even i myself might just die anytime.

One won't be scared of dying, they will only be afraid of seeing their loved one gone. Imagine they have to face the death of their closest person, living in a world totally without their existence?

That's pretty scary huh?

Alright, let's skip this topic for now. If i'm gonna continue on this, i'm sure to talk about nirvana and i guess everyone will be so bored yah? Hahaha =d

Okay.. today is not a good day for me, my throat is driving me crazy! Must be the curry i had for dinner last night, it's toturing me like forever. Argh, i can feel the skin like peeling off.. T.T

I tried taking strepsils, medicines, cooling drinks etc, but nothing seems to help. Ahhh, and esther have to ask me out for ktv today..!! Haiz, i can't help but to reject tho i really wanted to go. Ktv mah, KTV! It's almost like something on top of my agenda every week. =D

X'mas is reaching less than 10 freaking days and i'm down with sore throat! Argh, pls let me recover before 22th.. I don't want to order salad for my bakerinz dinner okay? Haiz, did i ever mention how much i hate sore throat? Cough, flu, fever, pneumonia.. nothing fights sore throat.

Even swallowing my saliva hurts like dunno what. Don't tell me to drink lots of plain water okay? Whenever i gulp the water down, i feel like slashing my throat to see what the hell is the problem inside. ARGH, i can't even speak loud now, it's so bad inside that i think the skin have all peeled off.

Well, at least my voice is still there. I should be thankful huh.

After this entry i dunno when i will have such a lengthy entry? Haaaa, to be compared to my other entry, this is consider lengthy alright!

Soon i will post up my new year resolutions. Tata for now.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Bye 2005..

1. What did you do in 2005 that you'd never done before?
- Staying at home for a freaking long time? No?

2. Did you keep your new year's resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
- Yes normally i will, but normally i wont accomplish them too. Haaaaa!!

3. Did anyone close to you give birth?
- My neighbour? Not really close but the baby girl is just so adorable.

4. Did anyone close to you die?
- Nope.

5. What countries did you visit?
- Taiwan~ and it's a disappointment i've to say.

6. What would you like to have in 2006 that you lacked in 2005?
- Courage and PR skills.

7. What dates from 2005 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
- 18th - 20th March (My b'day chalet!)
- 3rd April (Sis and bro's wedding)
- 18th June (On a overseas trip!)

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year?
- I graduated from that freaking sch! But still without a job. Awww.

9. What was your biggest failure?
- No job! =.=

10. Did you suffer illness or injury?
- No, but my lungs seem to overwork.

11. What was the best thing you bought?
- MP3! I love it. Not for the design or what, just for the primary function.

12. Whose behavior merited celebration?
- Do i have to say a name or? My sis and bro? Married?

13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?
- Some good friends of mine, really worried about them.

14. Where did most of your money go?
- Clothes, shoes, mp3.. the list goes on..

15. What did you get really, really, really excited about?
- My sis wedding and my graduation.

16. What song will always remind you of 2005?
- It's a long long journey..

17. Compared to this time last year, are you:
a) happier or sadder?
- I'm alot more happier! Serious!

b) thinner or fatter?
- Thinner and i hope this continues..

c) richer or poorer?
- Richer? 'Coz i did work for some time.. will have more in 2006!

18. What do you wish you'd done more of?
- Charity? Haaaa, make more friends.

19. What do you wish you'd done less of?
- Gossiping? I will change that i promise.

20. How will you be spending Christmas?
- Mahjong mahjong, prata also.

21. Did you fall in love in 2005?
- Nope, i fell in love in 2003.

22. How many one-night stands?
- Ohhh, i refuse to answer this question.

23. What was your favorite TV program?
- Maybe extreme japan, that's only program i wont bear to miss.

24. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year?
- Wow this is a sensitive question. Next.

25. What was the best book you read?
- My chinese novel.

26. What was your greatest musical discovery?
- That i can't play any instruments! Haaaa, lame.

27. What did you want and get?
- MP3?

28. What did you want and not get?
- Somewhere out there..

29. What was your favorite film of this year?
- Would have to be.. *music* Initial D!

30. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
- Ouch, don't touch on that pls. My birthday celebration was a big success! Thanks to all who joined, really.

31. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2005?
- Good! At least i know how to wear properly lately.

32. What kept you sane?
- Just bring me a knife or a gun and i promise i won't give you nonsense.

33. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
- Daniel Wu.. GACKT!

34. Who did you miss?
- Wooooooo.

35. Who was the best new person you met?
- Karen! We only knew each other for a day and now we're behaving like really good friends.

Monday, December 12, 2005


Haiz, what's going on in our group? =_= it's either you not free or i'm not free. When can the 4 of us meet up? We only have 4 person in a group, why can't we arrange even one simple meal? Think it thru, when is the last time we had a decent dinner together? =( One keep going back to m'sia, the other one keeps playing missing.

Well, really hope the 4 of us will be able to meet up for x'mas eve. It doesn't matter if it's a lunch or a dinner, at least we can gather and exchange present? Auntie, you say next year you will definitely celebrate it with us, but maybe our group will spilt before x'mas.. Not that i'm trying to curse or whatever, but i really think our group is becoming smaller and smaller. =`(

I hope, really hope that we will be able to meet every week, say thursday or whatsoever for dinner. So from next week onwards, each member will rotately arrange a gathering for the week. If we are able to maintain this, then most probably we can recruit new members on the way. =)

Yesh, we have 2 new members joining us. They're like abit here nor there, but i can predict them joining us.. YES, 6 persons' group. Sound really nice huh.

Well.. x'mas is coming sooooon. That would be a super sad day for me i guess. =( No worries, will be at mic house for mahjong? Haaaa, at least i won't feel so lonely yah? Yes, let's play with money.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Shopping day~!

Well, at this moment i can really feel my right arm aching badly. I can still see the lines of the plastic bag holder that "cut" thru my skin. Erm.. thats the results of shopping for more than 8 hours i believe.

Yay~! I finally got the blossom plushie that i always wanted since last year~! I vividly remembered ah dawn said she wanted to get it for me the next coming x'mas (if she's working) haaaaa, but she is still unemployed. Hee, good for her also lah.. she need not spend so much =) Thanks xue, mic, esther and kierra for it! I wanted to own it for so long le.. =)

Bought so many pressie today! Although 90% of them are like not mine, but i feel happy splurging like that.. say i'm crazy or what. Haaaaa. I feel happy whenever i buy things for ppl, erm.. imagine their smiling faces when they see it? I think it's worth it. =D

Anyway i almost puke at the far east toilet today. =( My stomach got so bloated that i almost make myself throw up in order to feel better. Haiz, my gastric condition is really getting worse as years go by. Remember my poly days i was just feeling discomfort, and now i'm like half dead after taking some caffaine. Argh, next time will just bring the medicine with me. =`(

*At this particular moment, i'm applying Ammeltz yoko yoko on my poor arm.. i can't type properly =(

My son finally reached sg this afternoon~ yea, tml i'm going to see him. =))) Too bad i couldn't find anything to buy for him.. Haiz, if he's a girl there will be plenty of things to buy huh. No worries, mom bought him some power ranger look-alike toys, will pass it to him tml =D

Alright, end of blogging. Sort of lame but better than nothing right? Nyahahaha, nitez. =)

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Q n As~!!

1) What fairy tales do you think of when you see '3'?

- Cinderella (i dunno why!! maybe she has 3 step-sisters.. wahahaha)
Oh dear.. the first question is already killing my brain cells..

2) What are the 3 things you cannot live without currently?

- Handphone
- Wallet
- Keys
They have to be with me all the times, without them.. i die.

3) What are your 3 favourite books?

- The clay marble?
and my other 30 chinese novels. =)

4) What are the 3 types of things in your room that have the most quantities?

- Powerpuff girls collection
- My novels collection
- Rubbish? Haaaa, Cds

5) Who are the 3 friends who keep you sane?

- Dawn
- Fay
- Xiaoyu
I'm always extra normal when i'm with them. Haaaa.

6) Who are the 3 friends whom you think treat you as a big part of their lives?

- Rara
- Fay
- Creepykamx (i hope they do.. haaaaaa)

7) Who are the 3 people whom may think you're indispensable in their lives?

- My dad
- My mom
- My fish! Love love baobei *wink

8) Who are the 3 people whom are indispensable in your life?

- My dad
- My mom
- My sis

9) What are the 3 songs that are stuck in your head now?

- Infatuation by Christina
- All i want for christmas is my two front teeth
- Jingle bells? Alamak.

10) What are the 3 dishes you can eat everyday?

- Dumplings
- Sushi
- Omelette

11) What are the 3 things you can do everyday?

- Surf net
- Watch teebee
- Slp like pig~

12) Who do you like to go clubbing/pubbing/chilling out with the most?

- Creepykamx ('cause they rawks)
Shit, i've been there once.. haaaaaa.

13) What do you do when you go clubbing/pubbing/chilling out?

- Searching for seats
- Drinking fruit punch?
- Anyhow dance =D

14) Who are the best people to talk on IM?

- Rara (somehow her comp died.. been mths since last chat)
- Xuexue (99.9% always online eh)
- My cuz, pearlyn (Always intro new things to me online ^^)

15) Who do you think has the most patience around you?

- Felicia
- Xiaoyu
- Dawn

16) What are the 3 things that reduce you to tears almost instantaneously?

- Watching a heart-breaking drama
- Losing any of my darlings
- Being accused of things i've not done T.T

17) What features do you like about yourself?

- My eyes
- My fingernails
- Erm.. shit, no more.

18) What personality traits do you like about yourself?

- Always optimistic
- Making ppl arnd me happy~ ^^
- Not bearing grudges

19) What are you proud of about yourself?
- Waking up at 1pm everyday
- My nonsense
- That i'm able to use my left hand to paint my right hand's nails properly.

20) What do you do when you're down?

- Sleep
- Listening to songs i love
- Staring into spaces

21) What do you do when you're bored?

- Surfing net
- EAT!
- Watch teebee

23) What have you done to regret?

Uh-oh, i don't regret over things i've done.

24) What do you loathe?

- Being fat
- Liars
- Ppl out for revenge (Whoa i very drama.)

25) What will you do with a million bucks?

- Put 50% of them in a bank
- 25% under my pillow
- 25% under my cupboard
Heee, now you know.

26) What will your children's names be?

- Shelli
- Keagon
Ohhh, running out of names.

27) Where are your favourite countries?

Singapore X 3

28) What are you thinking of right now?

- When is this coming to an end?
- What can't i slp?
- What am i going to dress tml?

29) Who do you wish to see now?

- Felicia
- Zacky
- Daniel wu.. now can??

30) What are the flowers you like?

I like receiving flowers but i have no preferences.. =D

31) What are your favourite designs of clothes?

- Tank tops
- Tee
- Weird cuttings

32) What do you think are your good friends' weak points?

- Dawn (Always so not speaking up.)
- Rara (Gullible, cannot change one.)
- Fay (Even more gullible, think there's no bad souls on earth)

33) Who do you want to pass this meme to?

- Xuexue pls
- Esther pls
- Xiaxue pls (wahahahaha, this is a joke okay.)

Friday, December 02, 2005


I'm very excited about tml. Very and i mean very. Very very. Very very very very. 'Cause i might see him tml, and i just can't stop smiling. Haaaa, it's my friend's birthday chalet and i think he will be coming. I think he will, and i hope he will. HAAAA. At this moment i feel so silly, see the way i blog and you will know. Haaaaa.

You can't see from your comp but i'm smiling like nobody business. WAHAHA.

Yesh i'm gonna wear my make-up so thick tml so he's gonna notice me. Haaaaa. Maybe i'm gonna dance new jazz infront of him. =) Erm.. Maybe i will knock into him "accidentally" and pick up whatever things he drops on the floor. After picking them up i will pierce my eyes into his and wink at him. Haaaa~ What wild imagination i have arh?

I think the moment i see him i will blush like hell bah? Whenever i see him i will sure blush and smile non-stop. Haaaa, and whenever i did that.. my friends will know. Yea. He is around. =) Normally, i don't even raise my head up, i behave like a super shy girl. Nyahaha, why??

OMG, i dunno what i should wear tml. =( Erm what if he didnt come tml? Well.. like what i tell xuexue, xi wang yue da, shi wang yue da right? *pout* This yr's graduation i already missed the chance of getting to see him..

Heck, dun care lah. If he's there then peep at him lor, if he's not then go home and surf friendster lor.. also can see him mah.. HAHAHA.


Thursday, December 01, 2005


If you guys can understand teochew, this is gonna be soooooo funny!! I almost died laughing~!!


Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Wahhhhh.. back from a really long day. Argh, almost died 'cause i was so tired! Yesterday went to Angela's chalet at safra changi, the location is so far from the heart of singapore but still good in some ways.. it's almost like overseas! So not singapore kinda place, very quiet, a good place to relax. =)

I enjoyed myself super much for the bowling session, ktv session and chit chatting session. Erm.. though i can't really bowl well, but it's just as exciting to see other ppl bowl and the kinda stunts they make. Kekeke. KTV session was almost like me and xue's concert! Ahhh, sing too much already.. it's all like our songs~! Haaa, next time is michelle's turn liao.. all 5566 and comic boys =D

Actually thru out the night i was already quite sleepy, didn't manage to catch a good slp the other day. When i finished my bathing i'm already like half-dead lor. Erm, so i decided to go to bed while the others are still mahjong-ing.. who knows i'm like so timid. -__-" The moment i stared out of the windows i freak myself out. Haaa, it's like so pitch dark and i can see trees moving.. Wooooouu~ Haaa, super no use.

Imagine the next day => today, i have to meet my another friend for some chit-chatting and window shopping session. Really very mentally and physically tired man. Slpt for only like 4 hours? Now i'm like completely KO already. *yawns*

And yayy~ Esther is back with us now, make sure we meet for more roti prata session alright? Heee, been waiting for my prata khakis ohhh. My lovely shushu and esther =D It's been a really long time since we had roti prata for supper. I'm gonna wait for like 2 more years to have the two folks back and have prata together. =)

Arhhh, peixin.. faster upload the pics alright? Wanna see =d

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Happppppy =)

OMG ppl i'm back~!!!

My comp is finally back in one piece people. Ooooh, after like one month alright~! I have so much to tell but i dunno where i shud start from~ erm.. i'm still jobless, thats a fact but i'm very happy =)

Haaa, so not used to using my old keyboard.. keep having typo error =D

Alright, will blog more later~ need to start my reading at different blogs.. wheeeeeee HAPPY!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

*Cries x 3*

Hey guys, it's been a really really really long time since i last updated.. not because im waiting for the crowd to response.. =D but my comp is officially dead as in i could no longer go online and stuff like that. Erm, not even msn.. thats so very sad.

Now im using my cuzzie's comp to surf net, awww.. it juz make my job search more difficult. =(

So, read you guys' comments.. haaaa, maybe i will juz trim and layered it abit.. then curl it when it's long! Erm look mature? With my kiddy face maybe i wont look too old bah? =D

Well, after this entry maybe i will take another 2 weeks to be online bah? Erm.. unless there's someone to save my comp. =)

Life has been good, hope you guys are doing well too. If there's any gathering or parties please do sms me 'cause i might not be able to response back in email or mailing list.. =`(

I'm like so free now so if you have any vcds to lend me, please tell me! =D will appreciate many many.. Alright, im off for now.. will be back real soon, hopefully.

p/s: zihui, "my date with vampire 3" is back.. if you wanna take juz call me lah.. =)

Friday, October 21, 2005

Short or Long Hair??

Should i cut my hair or leave it as the way it is? Probably cut a little?

If i were to cut it, it would become..

short, but looks lively? Or probably i should let it grow long until like..

longggggie? 'cause my hair now is kinda not long not short yea. If i keep my hair long, i would be able to dye it and CURL it!!! Weeee~

or should i layered it abit? 'cause long short long short looks more stylish yea, it will also add volume to my hair. Erm... actually quite a number of ppl tot i will look nice with short hair but.. i really dun bear to part with my hair length now. Somemore you know the who the who like girls with long hair mah =D!

Erm, i've asked so many ppl about this, only my mum disagrees with cutting my hair. Other than that, all encourage~Yupp, they say i look more lively with short hair. =)

Awww, very big decision leh. I don't wanna regret and it takes a million yrs for my hair to grow.. (a few months also very long right!?) Hey! I have bad experience okay. =( That stupid hair cut from kim*ge. Yucks. So how, so how? Cut or not cut? =D I'm gonna dye my hair copper brown for sure. *wink*

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Picture speaks a thousand words

Definitely not Ericia lah, but Sho Yokouchi~! For those who have watched Extreme Japan this tuesday would have seen him. Awww, so cute.. moreover he speaks fluent english. =)

Half an hour earlier when i'm still in my lalaland, i actually dreamt of him as a friend of mine.. -__-" Wahahaha.. And when i woke up, ahhhhhh!!! SHO! Yeah, i'm kinda "hua chi" again. Hee.

So Sho, welcome to my idol club together with Daniel Wu, Qi Yu Wu and Takeshi Kaneshiro. =D

Friday, October 14, 2005


Actually.. you don't have to do that. As in.. going offline immediately after seeing me online on msn. Yeah, 'cause i always appear offline so.. i always see you there and the moment i went online, you were like zoom, vanish from my friends list.

Since i'm the one at fault, let me be the one who's afraid to see you? You don't have to feel awkward or anything. The most if i chat with you, then you put busy or whatsoever lor.. But very low chances i will talk to you 'cause i know you wouldn't want to talk to me so..

You best take care.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Time seems to slow down alot ever since i quitted that job.

It used to be => Monday, Monday, Tuesday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday then Friday.

Now it's like => Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, STILL Tuesday!!

Argh, like what i say.. human just can't be satisfied. Look, when i'm working i was like dying to be out of job. And now, when i'm out of job i'm actually hoping to be employed 'cause of MONEY money MONEY!! All about the $$$!!

Well, i'm totally bored at home.. waiting for time to pass~ 12.17.. 12.18.. 12.19.. ... ... So it actually SUX to rot at home. Why didn't i understand this earlier? I was happily rotting 6 mths at home and i didn't even find it sucky?!

Or maybe, after one or two weeks i will get used to this kinda lifestyle.. and i will no longer complain, no longer look forward to any work opportunity. I will push down interviews, reluctant to find jobs, sleep all day. Ha, might as well die right.

It's better for me to get a job soon, i know.. after this period i will go back to that lazy me.

But i hate working far more than lazing around. I just need an environment with kind souls, nice lunch partners, thats all. Am i asking too much? Or this kinda environment never exist? I hate to go lunch alone, and i always look like an idiot staring into spaces when i eat.

I'm not a very hard person to get along right? In fact, i think i'm the nicest person you can ever find at work. (yes, go on.. puke!) Erm, definitely not work wise la. I will never detest anyone unless they are first to be unkind. I will never harm anyone, do anything to hurt anyone. Not even the way i speak man.

I'm not those pretentious freaks that love to backstab ppl; i'm nice to all who are nice to me. I'm a rather simple person, i don't like to gossip at work. Erm.. only after office hours lah. =)

Okay.. tell me you don't believe it, but thats the way i behave at work. Some love me, some hate me. Well.. I never get into good books of my bosses because i hate to curry favor with them. So.. i'm always at a very disadvantage position.

Whoa say until i like how good how good hor. Erm.. work wise i admit i'm not good at it, Public Relation also cannot make it. Erm.. so my only good point is that i never will harm anyone. Haaaa.

Love me... HATE me!!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Outta jobby!

Guys, i'm outta job now. YES! The bloody woman sack me, well.. thanks for getting me out of this job, tho i should be angry.

She deliberately left the company at around 3 something, then around 5pm the HR person called me over and told me this piece of news.

Seriously i'm glad that they are willing to let me resign without having to pay the compensation, but on other hand, i'm freaking angry that the bitch actually planned this. Aww, this afternoon she bloody tricked me into having lunch on my own (tho i hate to dine with them!) and after lunch, all of them behave strangely infront of me. Bloody ass. Now i know why.

My only concern is, she have so many things with me and yet she didn't want to have a proper handover. All i could do is to write her a note here and there.. LOUSY!

No matter what, i'm still happy that i will no longer be under her, no longer have to stand all the nonsense from her. But, i'm now jobless again. AGAIN!!

These 2 weeks pass really slowly, it feels like a month or so. That bitch is really driving me crazy, *phew* and now a new start. =)

Hopefully i'm able to get a job that i want, no longer customer service pls! i hate those calls.. it just keeps on ringing and ringing and ringing like nobody business. Now all the calls are left for her to manage, congratulations dear.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Haiz, i hate my current job so much so much that last night i dreamt of running away from work, hiding myself in sentosa.

Funny right.

Seriously i really regret quitting my previous job for such a sucky company. Not that the job is sucky, well.. it's the colleague that totally sux to the core. Well, understand blogging about such personal things will not be safe anymore so..

I've decided to swallow everything.

SHE ALWAYS SCOLD ME LOR!! She is bloody juz a administrator!!! Ouch, i feel like punching right into her face. She say i have attitude problem, no common sense, not professional.. so on and so fourth. She must understand that this is my first job, moreover what they're paying me are not VERY PROFESSIONAL either.

She said, "Now we are lack of time. There's no choice but to push you into the water and you have to swim."

I was thinking, "How much are you paying me to swim? With that kinda pricing, i can only swim a bit."

Very la sap right. She's totally ridiculous, how can she lecture me when my manager don't even speak to me in that kinda manner? I know it's her first time to manage someone, but she can't be so arrogant right, throwing her weight around just because she's taking over what my manager is doing?

You guys ask me to fight back, say out what i really think but.. sad to say.. SHE IS MY LUNCH PARTNER sia!! How ridiculous can this be. Ouch.

Anyway, i have found the html codes for the "password enabled webby" (pw: hypergurl), meaning ppl will need to key in the password before they can enter your webbie. Sadly, i couldnt try using it coz my blogger is down, or rather my comp is down.. I'm not able to go into the template page and get anything changed so.. you guys might wanna try? =)

Guys, if i manage to start the password thingy, my password will be "unstyled" lah. Easy lah hor, then next time if i want to write something personal, i'm not afraid some funny ppl will come across it and create troubles for me.

That's it! I'm so bloody exhausted. I need a rest!!

Saturday, October 01, 2005


OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! I couldn't believe this is happening!!!

Stupid friendster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now you can see who bloody viewed you and YESH!!! i viewed too many ppl that i shouldnt or THEY SHOULDN'T KNOW!!!


I'm gonna die!!!!

OMG, what am i going to do!? I'm going to appear on their page and they will all know!!!! Shucks! I hate this!!! Damn, i'm really going to die.. really!!!

Too many ppl, just too many!

From Mr Zacky to Mr B, Mr W and some sec sch friends.. ouch!!! I'm dead! SHIT!!!!

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG, can anyone help me!??!!? Can i like delete my account right now? Can they still see?? CAN?! I wish friendster can disappear now. Holy shit, i'm so deadddddd.

Pray hard that they don't go friendster now...!!!

Next month (which is tml), HOPE THEY WILL RECALCULATE THE TIMES OF VIEWING. Or i will die, really really really really really.

Gosh, i wish i can dig a hole and hide inside.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


So we are going to get sued for insulting others thru blogging.

We can't talk about other ppl, not even if it's named anonymous. What the hell, i thought this is suppose to be like a diary? 5 JC students are forced to stop schooling for 3 days just because they blog about their principal. I couldn't believe the news, blog is supposed to be somewhere that we can bitch about anything. Now, you want us to close our blog or.. blog about education? Blog about cos, sin and tan? Blog about "Hao Gong Ming" or "CME"?

If someone steal my wallet and i got a chance to blog his/her pic up, are the police officers gonna track him/her down? Will they believe in what i've written in the blog? Same thing, if i blog about this so and so person, saying i want to murder him or her, will i be charged?

Very kns lor, we still have to delete the entry and make a public apology for that. This is getting ridiculous.. Next time i'm gonna write my thoughts and views in my diary book and circulate it around for you guys to read. Erm, i think that's the safest way? I don't wanna be jailed for writing nonsense.

There are alot of new laws now, eg: no smoking in blah blah areas, no pointing of "international sign", no blogging and insulting others.


I'm gonna migrate!

The comments above are of own views, pls do not take it seriously. IT'S ALL FICITIONAL.


* * * * *

Anyway i've received a compliment today.

"Are you always that quiet?" - From my colleague who know me less than 2 days. Try one more week and you'll regret what you've said.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Girls live for the sake of LOVE.

Sometimes i'm contradicting myself. Certain things I say might not be what or how i feel. Maybe i'm just too afraid to expose my true feelings, or.. maybe i'm really feeling the way i thought i am feeling.

* * * * *

Xue told me that mostly woman live for the sake of love. 70% of my friends are single, so i might not understand the logic quite well.

Xue's buddies around her are mostly attached, except for me i guess. Haaaa. Sometimes she has to meet up with the couples, awww.. she must be feeling very awkward. Erm.. I don't know, but if i'm the one i will feel super awkward, i might just find a bf for the sake of finding. Oops.

Seriously.. not that i dun believe in love. It's just too hard for me to fall in love with another person. 1000 over people, maybe i will only like one and very high possibility (as high as 99%) that person won't like me. So... back to square one.

Yes i want to get married, thats for sure. Since i can't find the right one, i would have to look in for other criteria like rich, charming, tall.. so on and so fourth.

Oh yah almost forgot.. they wont choose me too!! Argh, then rich lor.. 'cause i dun wanna work. Haaaaa.

Guys who's not really good-looking need not worry that they can't look for someone pretty. In fact, they are the ones who can walk away with pretty young ladies! Mostly girls look for character and not looks. (except for me lah) If the guy really make her touched by doing certain things, the girl will love him with all her heart.

Guys.. different hor.

Guys are visual animals. (quoted from somewhere) The first thing they want in a girlfriend is looks, then big boobs. haiz... how can like that? Of course there are lots of other guys out there who don't care about these. I've seen them, and yeah.. they exist but not too many.

So after one big round, i think i like gays.

Why not?

They are sensitive towards our feelings and i think they're real cute. Not only cute, i think they're very special. Of course i'm not saying those "bapok" lah.. I'm refering to those who behave in a feminine way, but not those after operation kind. They're a special kind of people, and i like them.

Ohhh, too far away from my topic. Yesh, mostly girls live for the sake of love, but not for my case. I know you guys will start saying "Aiya, once she finds her 'right' one, she will become another person lah." Not exactly, 'cause I'm sort of a practical person. In love, i can foresee myself in a very 'clear-headed' relationship.

That's me. hee.

* * * * *

If you're wondering why i manage to come online again, maybe it's because of my luck? Hee. Who knows the next time i might not be able switch on my comp? Things happen without any premonition.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Well, recently i feel like a zombie.. didn't sleep well for the whole week. =(

Yesterday i'm basically trying to catch some sleep at my workplace...

20% - fell asleep
20% - almost fell asleep, screensaver running*
40% - staring at the monitor, trying my best to open my eyes
10% - going to loo, walking around
10% - doing work

*normally when i'm about to sleep, i tend to visualize some images where i couldn't remember right after i open my eyes. I called that a screensaver. Anyone experienced that before? Oooo, looks like i'm the only one? awww.

What resulted me to behave in this manner? Not me, but my bosses! For goodness sake, they haven't been passing me any work after knowing about my departure. Yeah, i know i'm leaving soon but at least give me some work to do right! %#!@&@##!!! I'm like soooo BORED. So bored therefore so sleepy. So sleepy therefore i have no choice but to sleep. Hee. I can even sleep when i'm 'half-way' listening to what my boss was saying. (almost bang into the monitor =x)

Yesterday i actually thought of blogging before i'm off to bed, but i was too tired to even think. Erm, so around 10.30pm, i went to bed and *tink* ... i think i felt asleep after like 1 min? or.. 20 sec? Was so bloody tired~ and i woke up super late this morning. =p

And yeah! i'm leaving this friday and i'm taking a temp with me. Yesh, she quitted too and we're leaving on the same day! She was employed by my director and well, was scolded for leaving the company. Luckily i don't have to suffer so much, reason being... my pay is low. Hahaha.

A new temp (19 yrs old!) is coming this friday~ yupp, she's there to cover for my position. Whoa, at least i have someone to talk to yea. But the funny part is.. why has it gotta be my last day?! Someone so my age... we will have so many topics to share, but too bad.. think she will suffer what i'm suffering. Tsk tsk. =D

New company next week! I'm gonna get a super cute mug and some decorative items. Yea yea i know it's only for 4 months but i just want to feel belong mah. Erm, maybe i should get a small pillow. Erm, you don't call that a pillow.. erm what's the name for it? Arh, couldn't remember at this moment... *yawns*

Alright alright it's time to bid goodbye~ good nitez. tataZzz!!

*Okay, i will blog whatever i want to share, and ppl.. pls be patient with me. Read and forget, okay?

Saturday, September 17, 2005


I have something in my throat but i couldn't voice out.

Maybe it's due to the previous bad experience i had, now.. i'm afraid that the same thing might just happen over and over again.

I thought a blog is somewhere i could share different things at different angles, different perspectives. Well.. maybe i shouldn't go further.

* * * * *

I'm changing job, guys. I'm gonna leave STB and join cathay org. Erm, once again.. it's not any fantastic job. Just a temp marketing assistant with a 4 months contract. If i'm lucky, probably they will make me a perm staff.. well, i think that's almost impossible. Haaaaa.

YEAH! Going for bbq later~! Erm, think we bought too much food, looks like we aint gonna finish them. Hahaha, too many hotdogs, too many crabsticks! (I dun like hotdog la, but lurves crabstick!) and my all-time-favorites => NUGGETS dipped with honey! Whoa help help help.. very nice! And yea i almost forgot.. MOONCAKES!! Well, have to buy 'em on the way to the bbq i guess. =)

Tonight it's gonna be a happy and memorable night, i know.. i just know it.

Weeee, have a nice weekend guys!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Comp died

Now you see me, now you don't.

It aint anything spooky, it's juz that my comp is dying on me.. All the viruses came at the bloody same time! I have no time to analyse them, so i might just disappear from this internet world anyday, anytime.

I might not be able to blog, i might just lose everything i have in my lovely comp. She used to be so healthy and 24/7, always working well. What's going on.. what causes it to become like that??

I'm feeling so exhausted after work, i dun wan to face a comp with so many problems. Temp dialer, spyware pop-ups, stupid looking toolbars, free porn. All these once disappeared in my life, and now it's back again. How cruel. How funny.

I thought i always have a way with these silly viruses..

And now i'm just one of the victim.

Now i can only pray that my comp will slowly and automatically recover by its ownself (like every other time). And soon i'll be able to roam around other webby without feeling disturbed.. .. ..

Friday, September 09, 2005


8.20am. Friday. Erm.. nice weather =)

Okay, don't be surprised 'coz i'm blogging as this hour. Haaaa, i've decided not to turn up for work since i'm having diarrhoea~ Woooooo i took a good half-day leave yesterday too. Which means.. it's a super long weekend for me. =) i'm enjoying this small break as much as i can, so i do not intend to sleep. I'm going surf my net until my comp gets burnt. Wahahaha.. pardon me. =D

This 2 weeks i haven been going online regularly. Each visit is definitely no more than 2 hours. This is so not like me huh, i used to spend approximately 10 hours everyday. Don't ask me what i do online.. 'Cause everyone asked me about it and i have no answers. Haaaaa.

At this time i would have reached the Ang Mo Kio station, sulking at all the working ppl who's in the cabin. Squeezing of ppl, meeting unconsiderate babarians, looking at the empty seat which is suddenly occupied in less than a sec.. so on and so fourth. But today it's different! I'm staying at home, laughing at those who went for work today. =D

And excuse me, i'm having diarrhoea okay, so i'm not exactly fortunate. Actually 45 mins ago, im still struggling if i should go for work. I've some pending stuff to be completed today, and i certainly believe there's no one else in the office who can do that sdf application. My bosses really sucks big time lor. After struggling over and over again, i decided i move out of the house. I switched off my comp and walk out of my room with my bag and sweater but in less than a min, i went back to my room, turn on my comp once again and sat happily on my chair.

Who cares about the sdf application.

So i changed into my causal home wear and threw my bag and sweater away. =)

Here i am, blogging. Haaaaaa, didn't managed to blog these few days and hands are feeling itchy yea. Wanted to type a really long loong looong entry but no matter how i see it, it's still kinda short. Nevermind it, content nice can liao. *puke, puking, puked, pui!*

Tml is a BBQ day! Erm.. now i'm wondering if i can still go? Well.. for the sake of the potato salad, i think i better go lah. It's too much of a temptation. Haaaaaaa!!! and.. MOONCAKES!!


Alright guys, i've to call my boss regarding the sdf application. If he claims that he cannot do it, probably i have to make my way down to orchard to do the application for him. Sux right.

Monday, September 05, 2005


If i were to release a book call...

Will anyone pre-order this book from me?


It's the very first time i've encounter this. So far, all my bosses from all kinda companies have been nice to me. They are always so concern about me, eg. ask me to have lunch with them when lunch-break is near, ask me to go back when it's time to knock-off. But my these current super-natural managers are really @#%&#^*# lor...

Can't really stand that particular boss of mine. She arh, always push blames to me when she don't even know the kinda instruction she gave me was never clear enough.

Whatever the case, i've decided to murder her so.. stay tune !! Once i've released the book i will give you guys a book each. You can murder your own colleagues after reading... =)

More feedback pls!

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Yea people, i seldom blog these few days because.. i've found a job!! Haaaa, it's not any fantastic job.. erm, it's just a temp job at Singapore Tourism Board. I work as a temp officer in the HR department, doing super, pure admin job.

Eh pay wise.. only $7.50 per hour. The previous girl was taking $8 per hour T.T, think it's because i didnt negotiate with the agency. Awww shud have right, then shud be able to take more income home. More money to shop too!!

Well, basically these few days i'm having my lunch alone at Tanglin Mall. My bosses don't really bother about where did i go for lunch, who i'm going with, so on. They went lunch on their own and totally forget about my existence. T.T super sad right? They went lunch before me and didn't bother to ask me along, so black-hearted.

I'm princess oink-oink.

Haiz feel so weird when i eat alone, feel as if the whole world is glaring strangely at me. Be it Food Court or Mac, i still cannot run away from their funny stares. Hey guys, if you're at orchard at around 12pm, pls drop by and have lunch with me? Appreciate many many. CALL ME!

So I will work there for approximately 2 months, ending 28th of october. After that, i need to find a perm job and stay for a very very long period of time. I have the urge to decorate my new cubicle! (only for perm job lah, temp i abit paiseh, although i've already brought a dog there to accompany me. Haaaa.)

For my new cubicle:
1) A funny-looking mug.
2) A funny-looking tick-tock clock.
3) Some decorative items.
4) Lovely pictures with me and my sisters.
5) My PPG's figurines.
6) Stickers for the LCD screen!

Weee. So excited~ So die die also must find a job after this STB temp. =)

Alright, for passer-by arh.. i shall give you the html codes for music:

If you are a html literate, go view => source and look out for the "embed" html code, you might want to copy and paste the codes so it will be more hassle-free.

*Paiseh, can't copy and paste here, blogger doesn't allow..

That's all, pretty easy huh? But one thing, you might only want to put songs in .mp3 format, 'coz .wma format makes the player look very odd.

Okay, i shall rest now. Will continue other day!

*Ohhh, i lurve friday, saturday & sunday.*

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I just want everybody to be happy.

Read my blog entries, laugh over it and forget about it.

You might be one of the person i'm talking about. Yes, i admit i always blog harshly. I like to caps the words and bold it. But seriously i mean no harm. I juz want to share my story. Be it it's factual or fictional, you kinda get me?

Yes, i exaggerate. I shared my views most of the times, in a complaining manner. And i know i shud apologize, sorry if i hurt your feelings 'cause i know i went far too overboard.

End of the day, i just want everyone to leave my blog with a smile on their face. That's all. =)

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Son son

My son is finally coming sg this coming week, 30/8 (m'sia national day). Yippie yay!! Whoaaaa, miss him like mad =) I have to meet up with him no matter what. Definitely not like last time when i thought i couldn't see him on the last day, i actually teared.. My sweetie heart alright.

Naughty boy but always managed to brighten my day.

my sweetie son, miss ya!

Anyway juz now when i'm having dinner with rara, i bought a fairy pen for him. (not exactly a fairy kind of pen, it's a pen that shines with lights) To my horror, it's actually faulty when i tried it at home. So many pens there, and what-the-hell i actually took the faulty one.

And there, i wasted my money and i have no gift for him now. Argh. What rotten luck right. I thought of buying incredibles items for him, but what if he no longer likes them? Erm, what about madagascar? What if he dun like it now?

Kid's present are always so hard to buy. Argh.

I saw alot of cute and lovable toys but they're too sissy for my son i guess. Erm, what attracts me are those powerpuff lah, disney princesses, barbies so on and so fourth. Way too sissy right? Okay, what i remember was, this new yr i actually gave him some powerpuff girls stickers. Wahahaha!! (Hey! Those were my collections okay! He and his baby sisters actually sticked them on their hands! %#@&*# must be the maid!)

Alright, time for him to grow up. I should buy some stationary for him yea? Time to say bye-bye to all the toys or he will be really spoilt. Okay, made up my mind. Will buy the incredibles stationary for him. Wahahaha, eh i'm his god-mummy, of course i have to pamper him yesh? no?

Me and longlong, weeee =)

Okay, think i'm going haywire soon.. so i shall end my entry here. Haaaaa, after meeting with him there will be more photos i guess. Nite peeps. =)

*Oh dear, anyone reading??*