Friday, October 26, 2007

Top 5, Bottom 5

Just chatted with Xue not long ago regarding a horrible movie she'd seen yesterday.

For more information, read her blog. :)

Ouh, and i've decided to blog about the Top 5 and Bottom 5 movies i've watched so far, since i'm like ultra bored at work. Wahahaha. And well, i found out i really love watching movies!

TOP 5 MOVIES (排名不分先后)

1. II Mare (Korean)

This movie really touches me! If you have not seen this movie but already watched Lakehouse, ok... because the storyline is the same. And yea, this is the original version. =)

2. He's a Woman, She's a Man (Chinese)

I'm in love with this movie totally. I can't recall how many times i've watched this but i just can't get enough of it. I'm still trying very very hard to search for the vcd/dvd. Anyone holding this?

3. 借着雨点说爱你 (Japanese)

Another heart-wrenching story; a lady that travels from the past to the future, knowing she has been married to a wonderful man, has a lovely son, but also knowing her end is near.

4. Notting Hill (English)

The movie that makes me fall in love with Hugh Grant almost like immediately; the song "When you say nothing at all" that always bring me back to the movie. "After all... I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her." Ouch.

5. White Chicks (English)

This movie makes me laugh from the start to the end! How the hell they make themselves from black to white? I guess this is the only movie that makes me laugh so hard till i wanna cry. =)

BOTTOM 5 MOVIES (排名不分先后)

1. 心动 (Chinese)

I spend $4.50 watching this movie and i really felt like asking GV for refund. This movie is really top XXX movie i've seen so far. However, the theme song is really good. HAHA. But why, why did Karen Mok turns out to be a LES??? gong-

2. 7号差馆 (Chinese)

Xue jio me to watch this horror movie back in our sec sch days. Supposed to be a horror movie, but turns out to be something like 刑事侦缉档案. Totally spoiled my horror mood; it's such a big letdown.

3. A Tale of 2 Sisters (Korean)

Another horror movie that cheated my money; the ending is really absurd. All along you thought something is really happening in the house, the sisters are really damn creepy, but in the end they told you it's just that girl's halluciation all along. Muahaha... we were like fools.

4. Happy Feet (English)

Surprised? Haaaa, don't be. Thru-out half of the show i'm dying to get out of the cinema. Ok, maybe in the beginning i already sorta know what they are trying to deliver. Which is, ugly penguin trying to sing and dance.

5. Crying out Love in the Center of The World (Japanese)

Another classic. Me and xue was like waiting for the movie to end! This young girl was down with some deadly illness, and the story just kept dragging and dragging like never ending...! We are supposed to be sad and feel sorry for this girl, but instead, both of us were like, "Hello?? how long more you want to continue huh??" And we laughed our way thru-out the movie, cracking some bo-liao jokes and making the row of seats shaking (Laughing)!

And yes, i watched all these bottom 5 movies with Xue. ALL OF THEM! Haaaa! Incredible huh. Please, please stop jioing me to watch these movies, although i jio-ed you for Happy Feet. Haaaaa~

So what's your top 5 and bottom 5 movies? Share with me lah, i want to read. =)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Resident Evil 3

Well, this movie is not really that impressive; i still prefer the previous series where i can see a crowd of zombies moving slowly in a building, and those alive would have to run and hide for survival.

Running out in the wild doesn't really give me the "excitement"; i like the feeling when you're trapped in a building, and you have to make your way out of the building, with danger lying everywhere.

Every corner, every room seems to have traces of the undead...

However, i think 我越老越怕看 horror movie. Used to be my favorite and i just can't resist watching them! Well, maybe the genre of movie i like is thriller more than horror. I simply love "Scream" series, "I know what you did last summer" series and others like "The pool" and so on.

There's always a group of teenagers being killed one by one, and you try to guess who is the killer behind all these act. The one who seems to be very suspicious will die straight after the first, and when you think the killer should be another person, this guy will eventually come back.

Or, sometimes when the chio babe stabbed the killer and he proceed to collapse on the ground, don't ever think that he is dead. Either the body will go missing in less than 1 minute or he will suddenly stand out with an axe or something else.

Before you can even scream, YOU ARE GONE. And yes yes yes, the horrid way to die! They always have those 变态死法 and they never fail to make my heart skip a beat.

But now, it seems that they no longer have such movies around. What that are popular right now is ghosts and zombies, sometimes supernatural power like harry potter.

Awww, i miss those movies. =)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hazel in ikea

She was damn active the whole day in Ikea just now, walking here and there, playing with this and that; simply ignoring us! No matter how we try to divert her attention, try to carry her, she just refuse to let us 'disturb' her ikea tour.

My bro decided to place her into the sink to stop her from going anywhere.

So that explains for the above pic. =)


Thanks to the recent craze of "Lust, Caution", me and xue decided to film another R21 movie by the name of "Lust Auction". For this new upcoming movie production, me and xue would rotate our position as the story writer and director.

For the cast, we've decided to pick Stan??y Huang and Shu Q?, 'cause they are both WAY TOO SEXY! I believe with such cast, even if the movie is downright cheap or lame, there will still be high viewership. ... No?

Ok, i've even thought of the most important scene already!

I believe you guys know what attracted me in "Lust Caution"; it would have to be the armpit hair. So now, i have also an important scene in my latest production!!

Can this be disclosed??? Erm... I don't know!

Scene xx:

Xiao Shu
squatted on the toilet bowl with a lighted cigarette on her hand. As she took a
quick puff, someone knocked on the door vigorously.


Upon hearing this, Xiao Shu immediately threw the cigarette
butt into the toilet bowl and flush it away without further ado. She then opened
the door roughly and glared at Xiao Huang, while she started to scream her heads


Xiao Huang was totally pissed

Xiao Shu was so
traumatised at his words; how did he came to know about this? It has got to be
that e-mail from the auction site! Ahhh... DAMN!

close to her and they LA JI.....

End of Scene xx.

Maybe this could be the ending, i dunno! Haaaaa i just simply love the scene when the female lead squat and smoke in the toilet. Ouh and Xue love the LA JI part; it's supposed to be her favorite! Others are just crap!

And yes, we need more investment to make this production come true. Please send us your chq or whatever cash money or paypal to us.

We thank you from the bottom of our heart.

If not, you can also support us by buying the movie tickets! Erm, thats if we can make our dream come true!!!! Wahahahaha~!

Oh yah, forgot to add on, we also have another Singaporean Version of the movie, cast already decided and i think they suited more for this movie. REALLY! But this, we are really unable to disclose yeah...


Friday, October 12, 2007

Lust, Caution

YAYYYYYYYYYYYY, heard that R21 version of "Lust, Caution" is coming to SG!!!

I hope it's really true 'cause releasing NC16 version is totally dumb. I mean, even if the 18 yr old kid would want to watch "Lust, Caution", they wouldn't want the censored version isn't it??

And the main attraction of this movie is not too see how charming Tony leung is or how pretty this Tang Wei is... BUT IS THE 8 MONTHS OLD ARMPIT HAIR OF TANG WEIIIII! Well, okay... at least for me. HAAAAA!

I think currently we have this win-win situation here. Kids under 21 can jolly well enjoy their NC16 version, and we can 光明正大-ly watch the R21 version!!

And you know the reason behind my excitement?

I wanna see her armpit hair so much!!!

***** ***** *****

Xue says if the R21 version were to come in, it would be her first R21 movie. Heee, can throw a dinner already lah! 终于长大了厚!

But for me, i've already given my 'first time' to Brokeback Mountain. Well, i'm behaving like a die-hard fan of Ang Lee!! WOOOOOOO...!

Hope the uncensored version comes in quickly and PLEASE DON'T CUT ANY OF THE SCENES!!!

Are there anyone out there dying to watch Lust Caution like me? *smirk*

I think all interested right! =DDDDD

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Resident Evil 3: Extinction

Anyone wanna watch?? =)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


So bored at work.

Sometimes i thought i'm just waiting for retirement here in my company.

Our business has been rather down these few months and i'm like going to fall asleep every now and then.

Ouh. Anyhows, we are going to sign the 'discount' contract with one of my customers very soon and i'm gonna be real busy. Well, i'm like SUPER looking forward to it. Haaaa! Busy digging invoices, doing tracking and revising all documents.

But why, why has it not happen yet?

Well, this job seems to be pretty unhealthy for me. I'm still young yea, i should look for a challenging job instead isn't it? Staying here wouldn't help at all. Totally!

I'm really going to doze off pretty soon and i hate the feeling when my colleagues look at me one kind and i feel ultimate guilty. Should i be? Or should i not since there is really NOTHING for me to do. It's not that i refused to do. Yeah. I'm also chasing after reports every now and then and these guys really treat me like idiot.

Damn it.

I should really take a few days leave and think of the direction i want to go. Working in this company is like roaming aimlessly on the streets. Ouh, i've actually roamed for nearly 2 years and i still don't know which direction i should be heading to.

Marketing? Sales? ...? What's more?

Argh, i'm tired just thinking of these!

*** *** *** *** ***

I've baked chocolate cake and biscuits last Sunday and i thought i should show it to you'all here. =) My colleagues think the cookies and cake are pretty nice but they always stop after taking one small bite.

WHY???! Not nice huh!

Maybe they just dun wan to disappoint me. OUH!

Chocolate Cakes

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Saturday, October 06, 2007

My First Baking!

Heee yesterday tried my very first baking and it's surprisingly good! Well, i thought it would turn rather sucky since it's my first time. =)

I can say everything is perfect except for the frosting which we had a very hard time cracking our heads, thinking how we should make it looks good.

After all, it looks rather ok but the coloring was a bit off =.="... they are so scared after seeing the colors! HAAAAA

Pictures pictures... there you go.

Getting all prepared! These are all what we needed :) oh yah, butter and eggs are not in yet!

Cause butter and eggs are already here...!

The mixture of baking cocoa, flour, milk and of course eggs and butter.

Haaaaa the ugly frosting... supposed to be pink ok! just needed more icing sugar =)

Baby blue frosting all done!

Oven-ing! Okay the first two looks ugly 'cause the batter was too full...!

Our output! Looks really good isn't it???? Based on our standard, i think it should look 1o times uglier. Haaaaa!

Finally! The cupcakes with the frosting we've made. Looks rather different from the cupcakes in the recipe but nonetheless taste good!

These are for my colleagues, i hope they don't laugh at the lovely cupcakes....!!!

Well, next up... baking tomorrow again! Would be cookies this time round. :) Might be posting photos again if it's really good.

Till then!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

MOREEEE cakies =)


Well, actually i prefer baking cakes than cookies, thats why you'll see all the recipes for cakes and nothing else. =)

Cookie like so dry huh. HEE

Triple Treat Chocolate Cupcakes

Moist and Tender Chocolate Cake

Super Easy Chocolate Fudge Brownies

SWIRLED™ Black Forest Cake

Ouh, so much recipes to be found!! Haaaa, okay i got hungry out of a sudden, so i took some chocolates to munch on while staring at all the cakies infront of me.


So ah mic and xuexue, have you'all already decided which to bake?? =)


HEE, has been browsing some 'easy-to-follow" recipes for different types of cake this morning.

Choco-Holic Cake

Chocolate Baby Cakes

Classic Chocolate Cake with Creamy Chocolate Frosting

Favorite Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cupcakes

琳琅满目 man.

Thinking to start with some easy baking first, then we shall try something more challenging next time huh. =)

Which one should i start first???? Hehe, if possible, i should be trying my first baking this Friday!!

So excitied! So who's going be my first guinea pig? =)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

New HObby!

Dear all

I've decided to develop a new hobby.

which is... BAKING!


I'm going to get the oven soon, then i will go shop for all the necessities after that! HEHE

Wait till i've succeeded, i can make nice chocolate or cheese cakes for you'all! Ermm.. although i'm still far from it... haaaaa, must gambatte. YOSH!!