Friday, July 27, 2007


It’s rather funny communicating with some of my german counterpart; when you write them an email and they reply with things you completely cannot understand, and when you call them up to clarify, they ask you to write them an email.

What the.

I spend one whole week to clarify the whole matter. One moment she said she didn’t receive the parts and request for me to send again, another moment she say it’s not necessary to send ‘cause she will use the remaining parts she has, next moment she say the parts MUST be sent over, in the end when I send her the parts, she said it’s not necessary.


All my colleagues who are in the cc loop were like wondering what this lady wants!

Her English is okay, her words are all easy to read, but the problem lies in her sentencing. Her sentence just makes no sense, totally, you can’t figure out what she’s trying to say!

My boss was angry (to me) as well, ask me to call her up and double confirm with that lady and make sure that the ship date still remains, but everything just sounds so stupid.

“Hi Nicole, do you need me to send you the parts?”

“Yes, of course!”

“Okay, what is the minimum required quantity?”


“Can you wait a moment?”

…………………………………………. 5 mins pass by………………….

“Hi Val, do you still need me?”

“… Yes, I was asking you what’s the minimum quantity you need for the parts.”

“Can you please write me an email?”

In the end, I wrote her an email again and there was like totally no reply! Ouh, okay soon then I sent her the parts again and she finally replied like, “Thank you for shipping the parts but ….. We don’t need any further parts.”


Luckily she is just standing in for one of the lady who went away for vacation.

If not, maybe I will quit my job.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Ouh, i was sick on thursday. It's been nearly a year before i last took my mc i guess?

Throat infection. Fever 38.6. Body ache.

So finally i took a day mc and spend the whole day at home, erm, doing nothing. I have got unexpected call and super sweet smses from my colleagues, but all these appear so fake to me.

Pure concern is enough, too much of it makes it very pretentious.

Imagine one of your colleague who is from other region and not really close to you, give you a ring and say, "oh heard that you're not in the office, how are you? Getting better? Oh just call to see if you're fine."

I'm not dying, i'm just sick. And the point is i'm not even close to the person! I was like rolling my eyes when i'm on the phone.

Then next coming up is ABB, with super super sweet sms asking me to switch off my phone, say i need rest and drink more water, make sure i keep him posted of my condition.

eh... helo?

Are you sure you want to know?

I know the sms definitely sounds very sweet, that's why all the girls in the office are falling head over heels for him. I know him best, and i know such sms are just his way of making one to have good impression of him.

Then during evening time he really did sms me again, asking me to update him about my condition.

I replied his sms, then of course, there was no reply. Seriously it doesn't come from the bottom of his heart that he is really concern about his sub, it's more like following a template. And you know what, all his subs are following his style; that's why the call from my regional salesman.

Even my closest colleague and boss didn't go to the extent of it, i mean of course, i'm just having a fever, not as if i'm hospitalised or what. If i am, probably i will be happy to entertain their call or sms.

Okay, maybe i'm just sick, that's why i'm feeling lousy.

Ouh, now cough and flu coming...

Monday, July 09, 2007



Okay i know it's a SUPER late post. Haaaa, i think everyone has already blog down about aubrey & sylvia's wedding except for me.

07.07.07 is really really a very special day and i believe all of us will remember this date forever; it's almost like a fairy tale~! =))))))

I guess most of the guest (who are still single) really will have the urge to get married upon seeing them saying "i do" and also the promises they've made for each other I almost wanted to fight for the flowers!

Haaaaa, and who knows it flew so high high, and "dop", it landed on someone else's hands instead. Hehe. No choice ah, have to wait till next time. =)

The dinner was great and the company was definitely good! I believe all the jie meis had so much fun on that special day! and now I'm dying to see the video.....! Haaaa =D

Really glad to be one of the jie meis; thanks sylvia for picking me! Hehe, want to say a big thank you for letting us share your a little of your happiness. =)

Hereby, i wish the both of you a HAPPY MARRIAGE!!


Friday, July 06, 2007

Picture of the day

Super Kawaiiiiiiii! Haaaaa, cute or not! =)