Friday, October 21, 2005

Short or Long Hair??

Should i cut my hair or leave it as the way it is? Probably cut a little?

If i were to cut it, it would become..

short, but looks lively? Or probably i should let it grow long until like..

longggggie? 'cause my hair now is kinda not long not short yea. If i keep my hair long, i would be able to dye it and CURL it!!! Weeee~

or should i layered it abit? 'cause long short long short looks more stylish yea, it will also add volume to my hair. Erm... actually quite a number of ppl tot i will look nice with short hair but.. i really dun bear to part with my hair length now. Somemore you know the who the who like girls with long hair mah =D!

Erm, i've asked so many ppl about this, only my mum disagrees with cutting my hair. Other than that, all encourage~Yupp, they say i look more lively with short hair. =)

Awww, very big decision leh. I don't wanna regret and it takes a million yrs for my hair to grow.. (a few months also very long right!?) Hey! I have bad experience okay. =( That stupid hair cut from kim*ge. Yucks. So how, so how? Cut or not cut? =D I'm gonna dye my hair copper brown for sure. *wink*

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Picture speaks a thousand words

Definitely not Ericia lah, but Sho Yokouchi~! For those who have watched Extreme Japan this tuesday would have seen him. Awww, so cute.. moreover he speaks fluent english. =)

Half an hour earlier when i'm still in my lalaland, i actually dreamt of him as a friend of mine.. -__-" Wahahaha.. And when i woke up, ahhhhhh!!! SHO! Yeah, i'm kinda "hua chi" again. Hee.

So Sho, welcome to my idol club together with Daniel Wu, Qi Yu Wu and Takeshi Kaneshiro. =D

Friday, October 14, 2005


Actually.. you don't have to do that. As in.. going offline immediately after seeing me online on msn. Yeah, 'cause i always appear offline so.. i always see you there and the moment i went online, you were like zoom, vanish from my friends list.

Since i'm the one at fault, let me be the one who's afraid to see you? You don't have to feel awkward or anything. The most if i chat with you, then you put busy or whatsoever lor.. But very low chances i will talk to you 'cause i know you wouldn't want to talk to me so..

You best take care.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Time seems to slow down alot ever since i quitted that job.

It used to be => Monday, Monday, Tuesday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday then Friday.

Now it's like => Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, STILL Tuesday!!

Argh, like what i say.. human just can't be satisfied. Look, when i'm working i was like dying to be out of job. And now, when i'm out of job i'm actually hoping to be employed 'cause of MONEY money MONEY!! All about the $$$!!

Well, i'm totally bored at home.. waiting for time to pass~ 12.17.. 12.18.. 12.19.. ... ... So it actually SUX to rot at home. Why didn't i understand this earlier? I was happily rotting 6 mths at home and i didn't even find it sucky?!

Or maybe, after one or two weeks i will get used to this kinda lifestyle.. and i will no longer complain, no longer look forward to any work opportunity. I will push down interviews, reluctant to find jobs, sleep all day. Ha, might as well die right.

It's better for me to get a job soon, i know.. after this period i will go back to that lazy me.

But i hate working far more than lazing around. I just need an environment with kind souls, nice lunch partners, thats all. Am i asking too much? Or this kinda environment never exist? I hate to go lunch alone, and i always look like an idiot staring into spaces when i eat.

I'm not a very hard person to get along right? In fact, i think i'm the nicest person you can ever find at work. (yes, go on.. puke!) Erm, definitely not work wise la. I will never detest anyone unless they are first to be unkind. I will never harm anyone, do anything to hurt anyone. Not even the way i speak man.

I'm not those pretentious freaks that love to backstab ppl; i'm nice to all who are nice to me. I'm a rather simple person, i don't like to gossip at work. Erm.. only after office hours lah. =)

Okay.. tell me you don't believe it, but thats the way i behave at work. Some love me, some hate me. Well.. I never get into good books of my bosses because i hate to curry favor with them. So.. i'm always at a very disadvantage position.

Whoa say until i like how good how good hor. Erm.. work wise i admit i'm not good at it, Public Relation also cannot make it. Erm.. so my only good point is that i never will harm anyone. Haaaa.

Love me... HATE me!!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Outta jobby!

Guys, i'm outta job now. YES! The bloody woman sack me, well.. thanks for getting me out of this job, tho i should be angry.

She deliberately left the company at around 3 something, then around 5pm the HR person called me over and told me this piece of news.

Seriously i'm glad that they are willing to let me resign without having to pay the compensation, but on other hand, i'm freaking angry that the bitch actually planned this. Aww, this afternoon she bloody tricked me into having lunch on my own (tho i hate to dine with them!) and after lunch, all of them behave strangely infront of me. Bloody ass. Now i know why.

My only concern is, she have so many things with me and yet she didn't want to have a proper handover. All i could do is to write her a note here and there.. LOUSY!

No matter what, i'm still happy that i will no longer be under her, no longer have to stand all the nonsense from her. But, i'm now jobless again. AGAIN!!

These 2 weeks pass really slowly, it feels like a month or so. That bitch is really driving me crazy, *phew* and now a new start. =)

Hopefully i'm able to get a job that i want, no longer customer service pls! i hate those calls.. it just keeps on ringing and ringing and ringing like nobody business. Now all the calls are left for her to manage, congratulations dear.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Haiz, i hate my current job so much so much that last night i dreamt of running away from work, hiding myself in sentosa.

Funny right.

Seriously i really regret quitting my previous job for such a sucky company. Not that the job is sucky, well.. it's the colleague that totally sux to the core. Well, understand blogging about such personal things will not be safe anymore so..

I've decided to swallow everything.

SHE ALWAYS SCOLD ME LOR!! She is bloody juz a administrator!!! Ouch, i feel like punching right into her face. She say i have attitude problem, no common sense, not professional.. so on and so fourth. She must understand that this is my first job, moreover what they're paying me are not VERY PROFESSIONAL either.

She said, "Now we are lack of time. There's no choice but to push you into the water and you have to swim."

I was thinking, "How much are you paying me to swim? With that kinda pricing, i can only swim a bit."

Very la sap right. She's totally ridiculous, how can she lecture me when my manager don't even speak to me in that kinda manner? I know it's her first time to manage someone, but she can't be so arrogant right, throwing her weight around just because she's taking over what my manager is doing?

You guys ask me to fight back, say out what i really think but.. sad to say.. SHE IS MY LUNCH PARTNER sia!! How ridiculous can this be. Ouch.

Anyway, i have found the html codes for the "password enabled webby" (pw: hypergurl), meaning ppl will need to key in the password before they can enter your webbie. Sadly, i couldnt try using it coz my blogger is down, or rather my comp is down.. I'm not able to go into the template page and get anything changed so.. you guys might wanna try? =)

Guys, if i manage to start the password thingy, my password will be "unstyled" lah. Easy lah hor, then next time if i want to write something personal, i'm not afraid some funny ppl will come across it and create troubles for me.

That's it! I'm so bloody exhausted. I need a rest!!

Saturday, October 01, 2005


OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! I couldn't believe this is happening!!!

Stupid friendster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now you can see who bloody viewed you and YESH!!! i viewed too many ppl that i shouldnt or THEY SHOULDN'T KNOW!!!


I'm gonna die!!!!

OMG, what am i going to do!? I'm going to appear on their page and they will all know!!!! Shucks! I hate this!!! Damn, i'm really going to die.. really!!!

Too many ppl, just too many!

From Mr Zacky to Mr B, Mr W and some sec sch friends.. ouch!!! I'm dead! SHIT!!!!

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG, can anyone help me!??!!? Can i like delete my account right now? Can they still see?? CAN?! I wish friendster can disappear now. Holy shit, i'm so deadddddd.

Pray hard that they don't go friendster now...!!!

Next month (which is tml), HOPE THEY WILL RECALCULATE THE TIMES OF VIEWING. Or i will die, really really really really really.

Gosh, i wish i can dig a hole and hide inside.