Friday, August 29, 2008

Hee updates

YAY tomorrow is a Friday!!

It has been a really long wait... I need lotsa sleep on Saturday i believe! Although i'm pretty tired now, i try to stay awake since i'm only left with a day to work. Hee hee.

My face allergic is back, thanks to my mom's cleanser... and also me being super forgetful! Argh, i run out of cleanser 3 days ago and i decided to use my mom's cleanser for the time being. Well. who were to know that the allergic came back, but it wasn't as serious as the previous time.

Colleagues have been noticing the red lumps over my cheeks and chin, even eye lids! Gosh... i tried to use mask for straight 2 days but there's not much help tho. Last resort to is use the super powerful Concealer to conceal but still, it will be out to meet the others by noon. =(

Let's wait for it to slowly go away... but i can say it's pretty bad. T.T

Saturday i'm finally going for a haircut, but i have yet to decide if i should just cut these trash away or i should layered it a little to make it look better?

I have been having short hair for quite long and i really dread to cut my hair that frequently, considering that the haircut is not really cheap huh.

Well Well, need some time to brainstorm and also to seek opinions. :)


OMG! The Durian Mooncake from Goodwood is really really good...!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Natsu-matsuri <3

I have a very good friend by the name of an-pan man, and yea we went natsu matsuri with her earlier today. :)

Isn't she gorgeous? Hehe. She shall not be named! Tho i think you should be able to see who she is ...

Hee anyway, we had lotsa fun today and someone was being called "kawaii" ok! :) Of course! And we are planning to get ourselves OUR OWN yukata so we can wear for our very own summer festival which occurs all round the year.

Imagine playing mahjong or our drinking session with yukata. Whhhooooopps.


Chio ahhhhhh :)

I finally grew so much taller... HAAAAA

The 2 tallies! Very very happie :)

All so sweeeeet lor! =D

Busy cam-whoring... but that's what we ought to do!! HEE

Ohayo...! oka-sama!

Oyasumi... geishaaaaaaa! =D

Oh my... look at the kids! They're super KAWAIIIIIII...! Esp the younger kid in red, very photogenic and sweet-looking :)

And lastly, the "yan yu" that they had...! Muahahaa bold bold stacia helped xuexue to ask for this group photo!

Look at xue's face......... she is thrilled lor! XD


Erm.. actually thought of uploading one of the pictures which is REALLY COOL but due to some sensitive issue, please refer to the below link to the album for more details... HAAAAA it's something that i have not seen in my whole lifetime.

Truly amazing!!! (hint: no. 2o)

Anyway, before i went to bathe just, i planned to lie on my bed for a few minutes ... but who knows i was completely KO-ed! Finally woke up one hour later when my mom and niece is back from their routine aunties-visiting.

Hee, really tired mah. :)

ZOO-ing tml! Many many events and more pics will be up soon i guess?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I might not be able to survive through the long and torturing interrogation by the Company.

This is partly my mistake, because I am not technically trained and tend to miss out certain technical information that is super important.

I say, this is what happen when you have a tech-idiot in the Company dealing directly with customers and engineering side.

My ex-boss is being very kind, he say he would never fault me because I’m not technical-literate, but it makes me feel super bad because I’ve spend 3 years here working as a Sales, and yet I know nuts about our product technically.

The main cause of this tech-error does not solely come from my side, because I have already forwarded all the tech drawings to my counterpart and unfortunately they did not check the dimensions properly and went ahead to build something different from customer’s request.

And yes, I’m also to be blame because I wasn’t literate enough to identify that something was wrong, even when customer highlighted their doubts to me, counterpart explained technically to me, I still went ahead to release this wrong order.

This is getting very serious, because it involved EUR 30,000 which is quite a big sum of money actually.

After analyzing this tech-error, the Company has already decided to give away this order for FREE. That also means that, who ever made this mistake is making a GRAVE MISTAKE and will definitely be tracked down after they’re finished building the new order.

I’m sure my Company works differently with some of yours, because they will never let things past; that’s why so many of my colleagues have been asked to leave or FORCED to leave.

I’m not too confident that I might be able to survive through the interrogation which will definitely take place some time later, because I expect them to be shooting me with emails and at the same time asking me to provide relevant evidence to clear my name.

This is how they work …

And I hope the mails that I have compiled will be able to help a least bit.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Burberry blue label bags from Japan

My cousin and her friend are selling off their authenic Blue Label bags from Japan ... !!!

These 2 bags are in very good condition ... please refer to the pictures below for further details:

Color: Base in grey, strips in black & light brown
Height 27cm, length 46cm and length of base 8cm
Asking Price: SGD 200.00

Bag 2: In good condition!
Color: Base in light beige, strips in dark/ light brown & pink
Height 25cm, length 38cm and length of base 5.5cm
Asking Price: SGD 120.00 *SOLD*


Do let me know if you're pretty interested!

Good chances don't come by THAT often. :)