Tuesday, January 09, 2007


"Yah, nowadays alot of people have been bitten by the bees..." quoted from my office manager when having her yakking session with her friend five minutes ago.

Wrong wrong wrong, SO wrong!

Bees sting, they don't bite, do they?

Muahahahaa!! OK. Too bored at work, that explains the sudden entry. *giggles*

*Momoko runs back to read her e-mails.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Nothing in particular

A brand new year has arrived.

The above made statement also meant that we have grown another year older. Good, no good? *shrug* Mature in thinking is good; not mature in looks will do.

23 sounds so different from 22; like crossing to another path of our lives. Really got to treasure this 3 months until my 23th birthday. Argh, why am i the first few to reach 23??

*Mian and Evenlyn, we are all in the same boat. Wahahaaaaa.

Today i went for my colleague's house warming, her friend say i look 27, 28. Kao. (That explains why i'm mask-ing now) Totally ridiculous. At most, at most i look 25 okay. AHHHH, spoil my mood for the day! How am i able to revive the old me??? During schooling i still look 18 right!

Below shows the evidence:-

2 years ago, when i'm still in NYP. Kiddish.

1 year ago, when i started working in my current company.

and... NOW! Damn i look so mature out of a sudden.

The 3 photos above doesn't look like it's a year after another. It's like 3 years apart, right! Gooooodness. Maybe i shud start cutting bangs even tho i might look fat yea. Don't care, i just wanna look young!

Compare the below pics of me and Da Pian Xue:-

Revive the old MEEEEEE! I still love the kiddy look of mine. MASK MASK MASK MASK!

... nothing can be done.


Anyway, updates on my baby niece...!! *not exactly a baby already =x*

Girl girl in her pink and kawaii walker. This stupid walker makes noise (not music, but noise!) everytime when you hit on the cartoon buttons. It goes "moooo moooo" and sometimes "quack quack" then the strange train starts to move and endless music starts to play.

OK. I bought it.

Also, girl girl went for her injection today! The doctor said she's way too overweight yea. Argh, was said that a normal 5 mths old baby should be around 5kg but girl girl is like 8kg. Woopx. Time for diet, girl girl. =)

Nevermind! Ah Ma will cook some porridge for you so you can take less milk. Remember, milk makes you f*t right! (Folks say we aren't supposed to say that! HA)

Hopefully porridge will make your diet works. Hehe, still...! You're the cutest babbbbbbby!

P/S: Don't throw temper okay, girl girl? Yee-yee very scared, cannot handle already. Next time wake you up for milk must tap on your arms and whisper, "Girl... milk milk?" to make sure you don't burst into tears. Haiz.