Monday, May 26, 2008

Sichuan's Earthquake

I was doing some research of the earthquake when i spotted some pictures uploaded by a photographer while doing some wedding shoot for a couple.

After taking a few shots, suddenly rocks began to fall from the old Church ...

Very terrible isn't it.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pictures to share...

Below are some pictures i've taken at the exhibition/ dinner sometime earlier last week... and i just wanna share since there's like nothing for me to blog about. HAAAA.

I vividly remember this was taken the first day and should be in the morning since my make up is so freaking powdery.

Erm.. this pic is not really flattering but, it's the only pic i have with the 3 of us. Hee hee.

At the dinner, with nana :)

Sorry, not very flattering again, but look at the poster on the left! =D

Me with one of the lady from the Event Organiser.

Dare not show too much of these pictures on my blog but the design of the booth is really GOOD.

DAMN GOOD!! Love it. <3<3

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sunday, May 11, 2008



Finally i've done the 3 things that i've always wanted to do since a few years back. All these 3 things have been done in 2008! Woohoooo! *jumps around

Yupp and i have nothing left pending in my life as of now. AH, okay maybe still left with some... but nothing as impt as these 3 things lah.



Last night was way CRAZY but i guess everyone had fun yeah!

Surprisingly i saw some familiar faces in the crowd! WOOO, esp my cousin!! Suddenly just appear right in front of me. :)

Didn't really drink yesterday, but heng i didn't! 'Cause i have to take care of my GIRLFRIEND ok! She was forced by us to pop in so many ice cubes!! Haaaaa.

I think going there as a crowd is really fun but really got to take care of ourselves and people around us in order not to be taken advantage.

Yeah yeah.

Pictures from Da-jie's camera that i really like!!

Whoa biang, all very fresh! Haaaaa

Me and b'day girl! Wearing same tone of color! Paiseh paiseh!! HEE

Family of 3 :)

Me and Da jie! :)

Angel 4! 2 blacks + 2 pinks.


Ugly me. But happy them. :)


Me with Da Da jie, janice!

This was taken during midnight and still looks good!



*xue, NO MORE EXCUSES next time ok? Haaaa must come!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Semicon Event

The event was super tiring considering the 3 inches of heel i was wearing thru-out the whole of 3 days. :(

However, fun part is that i get to mingle around with my customers and also building relationship with my sales and service colleagues. They are really all chatterbox despite of their nationalities... they communicate so well with each other. HEE.

Our pink Rasco Logo with orange light shining onto it.