Friday, November 30, 2007

Bangkok Trip

I must say, this business trip felt more like a travel trip! At least i'm able to go shopping on my own without having to worry about timing. :)

My hotel is only 5 minutes walk away from nana station, and it's freaking BIG and COMFY! Prefer this better than Amari, but of course, Amari still has the best buffet spread... haaaaaa.

Really nice! And i'm always happy to find a bathtub there in the bathroom :) Weeeee i love to soak in HOT water!

Went to MBK on the first day and bought mister donut :) I got the Super Ring from my house! Brought it along with me to bkk. Hehe.

I ordered some donuts for the coffee breaks and they taste good too! Wahahaha, but no one except me and brother even touch the donuts. Too sweet huh?

Next up... the dinner by Chao Phraya River, on the boat! :)

My colleagues from philippines, malaysia and another one (1/4 face) from thailand.

Nana and myself.

Pic of nana and me, taken with the two locals playing the musical instruments on the boat. HEE all so thin huh.

The pretty thai dancer, very sweet hor! She keep smiling ah, most of my guy colleagues were mesmerized by her! *faints*

That day happened to be my colleague's bday as well. Never grow up de boy! HAAAA

After the boat trip, we girls team went for a full body massage at the same old place, with very friendly staffs :)

Tadah!! 1 hr full body massage only at 270 baht; 1 hr foot massage at 250 baht! I didn't go for the 2 hour full body massage, but heard it's only at 350 baht! Should try it the next time :)

After our meeting the very next day, we went MBK for more shopping and yeah of course... the MK restaurant...!!

The soup base and the sauce is really really good! Anna and myself ordered quite a lot of food but the total bill is only 298 baht! It's like less than 7 dollars per person. Marvellous... ask ah mic and shu! They love it too... esp the soy sauce! <3<3!

Our hotel, Grand Sukhumvit Hotel by Sofitel :)

Soon then we proceed to the Chao Phraya river again for the famous festival in bkk... Loy Krathong Festival!

On da cabby, E808.

Nana Wee!

Myself!!! Haaaaa

Whoaaaaa 琳琅满目!All selling pretty cheap! Small pot at 40 baht, medium size at 60 baht.. the big one at 80 baht i guess.

We bought the small size pots, but seriously we are not sure what is it for..... haaaaaaa, tourist.

Weeee, we got in the small boat again! Waiting for the boat to bring us to the main river...

My lighted flower pot, all ready to put it into the water!

Some musical boat that happened to pass by... so cute!!

Me taken when the wind was at its strongest!

And on da way back to hotel...

Finally... the things i've bought in MBK. 2 days isn't enough, i need more stays!! Haaaaaa, no choice... shall wait for the next trip then!

Heeee, who wants to go with me the next time???

Thursday, November 29, 2007


I don't know if i should be happy or sad.

Very soon, i will be reporting to someone else instead of my boss.

Erm, i once thought of leaving this company because of him... but now, i feel like leaving this company because i know i won't be under him.

I don't know why but i just don't want to report to some other people...

They all seem to be so happy... and no one cares about how i'm feeling.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Everytime when i travel to BKK with them, i always come back with disappointment and seriously i think most of them are behaving this way.

I've talked about it many times but i just can't get over it.

For example my previous visit, i came to know that someone i respect alot in my company, is actually keeping a mistress over there. I mean, what's wrong with him?? Not that his wife is ugly, not that they're already an old couple, not that they don't have kids!!

They always behave to be a lovely couple in front of us; ya know, kissing her cheeks and doing little actions to show that he cares. We all thought they're really a good example of how married couple should be.

How were i to know, things changes once he's on a different island??? He totally ruined my good impression of him.

And this time round, someone i thought wouldn't dare to womanized around, actually went for it too! He actually has the cheek to tell us where they went and what they did. Never i thought he would be this kind of person; imagine i still told my colleagues earlier that i don't think he would dare to womanize? I always see him as a brother and he really really let us down.

They always say it's no big deal since they've no feelings for the girls, it's just purely for excitement...

Whatever it is, they have already lost my respect.

Well, luckily my boss is not this kind of person and i really respect him for that! :))))) Some of my guys also turn down the offer when they're approached by those freaks to go for those unhealthy spot; they say they're all vegetarians. =)

I'm glad that there are still exceptions.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

New Gadget!

As i couldn't resist the color/design/x-factor of this camera, i bought it without further consideration!!!

LV got to wait; okay!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Tune into Channel U on 26.November.07, Monday at 8pm!!!! HEEEE my childhood idol is back! RUIIIICOONNGGGGGG

Sunday, November 11, 2007





Saturday, November 10, 2007


I'm glad i kept my diaries; reading them once in a while really makes me giggle sometimes.

I could see how childish, how naive i was back in secondary school days. The things i wrote, the mindset i had is really funny! I think we should stop laughing at those little kids who always behave kiddish-ly... 'cause i bet we're once behaving like them too!

Check out the grades that i've strived to get for O'levels:

English - C5
Chinese - A2
Maths - A2
Science - A2
Geography - B3
POA - B4

And check out the grades that i've got!!!!!!

English - C6
Chinese - B3
Maths - C5, B3 (Retake)
Science - D7, C5 (Retake)
Geography - C6
POA - F9

Whoa i really pin such high hopes huh. Haaaaaa! I can't believe itttttttttt!!! *throws pillows all over*

And for the first o'lvls i took in Yr 2000, i think i got 27pts (5 subj). HAAAAA!! Okay then for next retake in Yr 2001, things got alot more better. I got 23pts and after the deduction of 2 points (ECA), i got 21pts!!!

For someone who's a dumb-dumb in studies, it's pretty good results already OK?? Enough to get me into NYP with a diploma in marketing.

Time really flies and without realising, i've known most of you for more than 10 years already! Incredible!! We should throw a party and celebrate our 10 yrs anniversary! =D

If i could turn back time, i would so like to return to Yr 2000! And i swear i'm gonna study like one mad woman!! ARGHHHHH at least let me have a B can???


P/s: it's already 2:23am and if i'm not talking sense here, please forgive meeee!! HAAAAA

Monday, November 05, 2007

Girl Girl - The Dim-Sum Girl

Girl Girl trying to be the Dim-Sum girl. =b

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Urban Myth - Gloomy Sunday

It's not sure if you've heard of this before, but i just got to know it from a Variety Show yesterday. CREEPY.

Gloomy Sunday is a hungarian song composed by this guy called Rezso Seress, and apparently this song causes hundreds of suicides. They say the melodies of the song bring you into depression and makes you head for the window.

The original version of the song was then destroyed, and soon then many versions of the song were made but was said that none of the depressing melody were close to the original version.

I've listened to the orchestra version of Gloomy Sunday, and personally i think the melody is rather depressing but not to the extend of having depression or makes you wanna die. But erm, i've only played the song for like 1, 2 times... you know, just in case. =D

Here is the detailed information of this song, and if you shud be interested, maybe you would like to visit the link:

And if you want to hear the song, erm... the link is provided here as well BUT IF YOU ARE ALREADY FEELING DEPRESS, I WOULD RECOMMEND YOU NOT TO LISTEN because i dun wan anyone to die, although this is said to be urban legend. I don't want to be responsible okay. Haaaaa.


Okay i admit the song is quite catchy and it's playing on and off my mind.

EWWW. *heads for....... breakfast!*