Monday, August 27, 2007

Saturday, August 25, 2007

I miss my long hair...

After reviewing this particular picture of myself, i realise how much i miss my long hair (before it was actually destroyed by the hairstylist). My hair was so smooth and straight! *stab stab*

Ouh, but it doesn't mean i'm not happy with my short hair now.

I'm still happy afterall...! :)

But ah, not so sweet anymore. Heeee

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hazel girl =D

Yiyi so love love!

Monday, August 20, 2007


I vomitted twice in the morning.

All i remembered in my dream was that i was eating some buffet and i was too full to carry on eating... then out of a sudden i felt so digusted.

That's when i woke up feeling nausea and the feeling of throwing up just keep coming.

It's been a long while since i last puke. Probably in my primary school days after... my milo session? I really really hate to vomit thus i kept forcing myself to slp and pretend nothing is happening.

BUT the feeling became stronger and ....................... @#%$^%@^%#&%$ i threw up like nobody business.

It was only 5am.

Okay so i walk here walk there, trying to make the feeling go away. Ok... then it finally went off and i head back to my bed. Who knows, at around 6.30am the feeling became much stronger. It was totally unbearable and i just have to flyyy myself to the toilet.

and @#$%^&U*I @&^%$#@!@#$%^&*&^%$#@#$%^&*&^%$#$%. IT CAME OUT FROM BOTH MY MOUTH AND NOSE.


I'll never forget the smell of last night's maggie mee.

HAAAAA... and to my SURPRISE all my colleagues are either having diahorrea or vomit like mad. Therefore, we confirm it must be from the food we had from the bbq chalet...


I'm feeling much better after throwing up therefore i took a cab to come for work, since everyone is sick BUT STILL turn up for work! APPLAUSE!!!! =)

And me too.

So proud of myself!


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Creepykamx Blog


I've finally did something to the blogskin of Creepykamx!!!!

***Kallang Wave***

GO BLOG NOWWWWWWW..............!!!!


Wednesday, August 15, 2007



Afterall I'm still a lazy person.

HAAAAA, the taiwan photos are all uploaded here, thus you can click and view it! This time round i didn't really take too much pictures... 'cause all we do is just shopping and shopping and shopping so there is no need for pictures lah. =)

And yeah! Me and xue bought this perfume and it's really really really NICE! No wonder the jappy girls are using it like siao!

It's Angel Heart, Raspberry Pink. You can find them all over popteens' magazines...! At first i didn't really thought it was so good until i started to use it for the first time.


Smells sooooooooooo great!

And.. it's pink in color. =)

I wanna buyyyyyyyy more and stock up! As you know, a 50ml perfume will be finished pretty soon especially if i use it like every other day!

The lifetime of this perfume might only a few months yea? Have been using it for the past few days already..! =) and the sweet smell makes me happy!

Love it love it love it.

Will marry anyone who gets me the perfume!



Sunday, August 12, 2007


What i fear most has come true.

Now my fish tank is empty. No more sounds of bubbles; just empty.

He's gone.

Byebye Baobei~

Finally BACK!

Well, this trip was alot more better than the 2005 taiwan trip; no more culture shock, no more super out of the way's hotel.

Although the hotel is near to Xi Men Ding, the TV channels and the breakfast just sucks big time. Really! After 11pm, most of the channel transformed into those sleazy kinda programme, with aunties with big boobs dancing, with those Taiwan AV lady bathing and bathing and bathing non-stop for 30mins and the hubby staring at ALMOST 15 mins with no action except pulling his tie and kept swallowing hard.

Simply bo laio arh! And sooooooo super slow the story. Wanna watch also no mood de!

And so many things happened in our trip which is kinda funny! Erm, like the second biggest of my regrets happened in TAIPEI!

Haiz, nothing can describe the feeling except for the song 傻瓜! Xue says it's peer pressure; i say i'm hypnotise! Haaaaaaaa, the hongkies must be laughing so hard at us lor! Silly 4s!

Erm besides this there's still story of NT2980, the morning scratches, silly advertisements, the ultimate "A" album and so much so much more. Will explain more after i've uploaded the pictures.

And yah i gain weight like mad! I'm already trying so hard to get rid of the fats yet i'm still eating. Damnnnn guilty i tell ya! Suddenly i just lost my appetite BUT i think it's coming back tml. HAAAA~

Okok, i think i should go to bed soon too! Haaaa i miss my bed, i miss girl girl, i miss my home laptop, i miss ALOT alot ALOT! Keke