Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I just want everybody to be happy.

Read my blog entries, laugh over it and forget about it.

You might be one of the person i'm talking about. Yes, i admit i always blog harshly. I like to caps the words and bold it. But seriously i mean no harm. I juz want to share my story. Be it it's factual or fictional, you kinda get me?

Yes, i exaggerate. I shared my views most of the times, in a complaining manner. And i know i shud apologize, sorry if i hurt your feelings 'cause i know i went far too overboard.

End of the day, i just want everyone to leave my blog with a smile on their face. That's all. =)

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Son son

My son is finally coming sg this coming week, 30/8 (m'sia national day). Yippie yay!! Whoaaaa, miss him like mad =) I have to meet up with him no matter what. Definitely not like last time when i thought i couldn't see him on the last day, i actually teared.. My sweetie heart alright.

Naughty boy but always managed to brighten my day.

my sweetie son, miss ya!

Anyway juz now when i'm having dinner with rara, i bought a fairy pen for him. (not exactly a fairy kind of pen, it's a pen that shines with lights) To my horror, it's actually faulty when i tried it at home. So many pens there, and what-the-hell i actually took the faulty one.

And there, i wasted my money and i have no gift for him now. Argh. What rotten luck right. I thought of buying incredibles items for him, but what if he no longer likes them? Erm, what about madagascar? What if he dun like it now?

Kid's present are always so hard to buy. Argh.

I saw alot of cute and lovable toys but they're too sissy for my son i guess. Erm, what attracts me are those powerpuff lah, disney princesses, barbies so on and so fourth. Way too sissy right? Okay, what i remember was, this new yr i actually gave him some powerpuff girls stickers. Wahahaha!! (Hey! Those were my collections okay! He and his baby sisters actually sticked them on their hands! %#@&*# must be the maid!)

Alright, time for him to grow up. I should buy some stationary for him yea? Time to say bye-bye to all the toys or he will be really spoilt. Okay, made up my mind. Will buy the incredibles stationary for him. Wahahaha, eh i'm his god-mummy, of course i have to pamper him yesh? no?

Me and longlong, weeee =)

Okay, think i'm going haywire soon.. so i shall end my entry here. Haaaaa, after meeting with him there will be more photos i guess. Nite peeps. =)

*Oh dear, anyone reading??*