Sunday, June 29, 2008

Celebration :)

Met up with The Ceepykamx on last Thursday for the ladies' birthday celebration, and finally our darling Esther is back! :)

After a whole of 10 months, she is finally back for 3 weeks.

However, Kierra missed the dinner, else we will have full strength of Ceepykamx...


Ah mic and lala played host for the day and we got free steamboat and hk desserts! Thank youuuu so much 'cause i really enjoyed the food and fun. I guessed the rest enjoyed as much as i do, right? :)

I haven really tried steamboat with congee as soup base; it's definitely an eye-opener for me! Simply good tho i'm not really a fan of congee. Hehe.

The pig head (pork) in da chicken soup; was good... taste almost like fish cake!!

AHHH... Shu KIAP it away! T.T

The 3 birthday girls! Forever 21 please! (tho they showed the wrong handsign of 24) ... 21 only right! :)

Happy babes wishing for themselves. World-Peace, please.

ATTACKKKK!! Btw, the cake is really good! I wanna go back to breadtalk for more! Really yummilicious! Heavenly! The cake is damn soft and chocolatey... LOVE IT.

The joke of the day; but too bad, we were too slow and we couldn't catch ah mic feeding fuyuan with the cake! That's really sweet~~ of course, they are childhood lovers! HAAA!!

For more viewing of the pics, please visit:

Nitey all~

Thursday, June 26, 2008

leaving... part 2

I'm facing some kind of dilemma here.

Previously i was annoyed, but seriously... after knowing that he is really leaving, i'm feeling very upset, and i'm sure many of them will feel the same way as i do.

He did apologize for leaving COMPANY, and i can see the struggle in him; but 天下没有不散之宴席...

He never fails to make me laugh with his silly/ yellow/ real funny jokes, and i'm sure i will miss those dirty plate aka 盘, sunflower and many many other jokes from him...

Any gatherings with his existence are always fun and unforgettable.

Well, our team will never be the same again. :(

You'll be greatly missed, Bro.

I believe we will definitely cross path in future, and i want to listen to those funny jokes of yours again! :)

Monday, June 23, 2008


14:15 PM

I'm still refreshing the webby for my Bridging's results ...

Have been refreshing for more than 50 times but everytime i press "F5", my heart will beat faster and when i see that nothing has been updated, i feel disappointed again.


I guess i'm still in the mood to joke as of now; hope i will continue this way after i've seen the results.



16:50 PM

Wahahaha, PASS lah! :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

leaving... again

It's almost devastating to know that we're going to be short of one person again.

Besides Drama Queen who left the company in a fluff, we now have another one who has already planned to hop over to our biggest competitior in the market.


Seriously we are lack of manpower, and there's no way we can get a replacement that soon. And please, i'm already taking over SGP account, i dun really wanna touch on the other region for heaven's sake.

But i guess i'm not the only one getting troubled by this; my boss is also greatly affected as well. He tried all means to add benefits to this particular guy but who knows he don't even appreciate the least bit.

Quiting is fine; joining compeititor is way EVIL.

Do you know how much inside information he has relating to my company? :(

I thought i know what kind of a person he is, but sad to know that i actually misjudge him all along; everyone is selfish afterall.


Anyway, in my first 2 years in this company, i've NEVER seen anyone resigning from asiapac. The reason is, the benefits are too good to be true. TOO GOOD. No one would want to leave when ah-gong is bascially throwing money from the sky.

Now we are in this crisis, i thought we will stay together and support each other to overcome this, but... everyone is leaving for their own benefits.

Totally unbelievable.

Monday, June 16, 2008

movies <3

Lately there's just too many movies i wanna watch! Heeee.

Caught "The Happening" with Xue last Friday, was not too bad overall. :) I love all those ang moh man! Previously i watched "Made of Honour" and that LAO SHUAI makes me goes gaga over him!


If possible, xuexue can i book you for Accuracy of Death and Missing? Somehow we have to catch Accuracy on weekends yea? Timing freaking weird but... Kaneshiro wor! As for Missing, we can choose a weekday; no need to spend so much on HK movie right? :)

I guess no one would want to watch Kungfu Panda...?! T.T

How about Narnia? Heard it's pretty good! But well, come to think of it... guess it is okay to give it a miss...

快....来约我吧! :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008


My workplace has always been so drama mama, and something happened today really makes me feel that the female lead would have gotten her award based on her behavior earlier.

She was basically throwing tantrums, screaming aloud while she’s on the phone with her director boss, tearing up her testimonial in front of one director’s face and throwing her things everywhere, crying and trying to catch her breath.

What the hell…?!

Com’ on lah, everyone dislikes her personality, and it’s only now then she knows that everyone is opposing her?

She yelled at her direct boss, threw her keys and stomped out of the office when no one is at fault; seriously she brought this upon herself.

The reason of her resignation is because of me, and we’re more than happy to know that she is leaving, thinking that all these dramas relating to her will end. Who is to know, more things actually happened?

She kept on saying that she has no regrets resigning from our company, and yes, we would also like to let her know that we have no regrets either. We NEVER have.

She has been creating a lot of problem earlier, and we are already thinking of ways to eliminate her from this company since more things will actually arise if she were to stay on.


Currently our office is back in peace; everyone is back to their emails and seems to have gotten over the messy situation that happened just 3 hours ago.

I thought I could hear birds chirping merrily outside.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Delayed post... on DND

This entry should be posted earlier since the DND was already like 2 weeks ago...! Haaa well i'm just being too lazy to upload the pics lah... =x

Wanna thanks ah mic, da jie and family for inviting us to the dinner! Heee else we don't get to eat such good food and also won't have full attendance for sisters' gathering! :)

Let's meet up pretty soon alrighty?

Lurve lurveeee :)

Thursday, June 05, 2008


I guess everyone loves to travel.

For me it's a super SUPER SUPER. :) Or rather something that keeps me going since working life is really... boring to the max.

After i've stop visiting BKK, i found out how much i missed there! Awww, especially the food, the culture, cheap taxi fares and super comfy massage by the gentle and soft-spoken thai girls. Heee. It's almost like my second home. I remembered how i use to travel there alone and do shopping at MBK by myself. :)

Miss the hotel to the max...! (Not the receptionist for sure ><) It's like just 5 big steps away from Nana Station! Damn accessible i tell ya and the room is freaking chioooo with the lightings and what i totally LURVE about the room is the super big mirror at the side of the bed.


The babes are traveling to BKK and seriously i can't help but to envy them! Pleaseeee, have lotsa fun and help to eat my share! Haaaaa, btw i miss MK like mad.

I'll be going to Phuket in July but i think it's not gonna be fun since i dread playing water sports and i think July - August may be truly a raining season. I should have book BKK then since it's exactly the same price as Phuket! *Strangle myselfffff*

I hope i can have some authentic thai food there besides seafood. Do they even have shopping? Erm, i think i'm most likely cheated by that bitch...

Well, if my company still continues to organise meetings in BKK, i would have travelled twice from Jan till now. =(

I could have bought their trendy clothes and sell over yahoo auction or ebay to earn extra cash! I could have, i could have eaten more MK and enjoyed more massages!

Erm... anyone wanna sponsor me?

*Oh, btw... earlier Jetstar was offering $150 airfare to HK ... I booked the fare already! Hehehehe but the travel period is like another one more year from now; I'm so worried i might completely forget about this. Haaaaa.

Again something to keep me going until next year!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008




Wahahaha, i've decided to dedicate this entry to you since i didn't send you your birthday msg on time. Sorry lah! Once i'm out of office for 2 days, i start mixing up the dates!! Hehehe~

Finally your exams are over! My nightmare is still on-going, and the paper today is tough, tough, tough. Haiyoooo!

Btw, i haven got your present, but you've yet to tell me what you want??

HEHE if you still refuse to let me know, i'm gonna get you vouchers again... and don't complain hor.

Alright, last but not least, wanna wish you 年年美美,笑容满满,事事顺心,甜甜蜜蜜!!

To the LOVELY-EST of all, Xuexue :))))))))