Sunday, June 29, 2008

Celebration :)

Met up with The Ceepykamx on last Thursday for the ladies' birthday celebration, and finally our darling Esther is back! :)

After a whole of 10 months, she is finally back for 3 weeks.

However, Kierra missed the dinner, else we will have full strength of Ceepykamx...


Ah mic and lala played host for the day and we got free steamboat and hk desserts! Thank youuuu so much 'cause i really enjoyed the food and fun. I guessed the rest enjoyed as much as i do, right? :)

I haven really tried steamboat with congee as soup base; it's definitely an eye-opener for me! Simply good tho i'm not really a fan of congee. Hehe.

The pig head (pork) in da chicken soup; was good... taste almost like fish cake!!

AHHH... Shu KIAP it away! T.T

The 3 birthday girls! Forever 21 please! (tho they showed the wrong handsign of 24) ... 21 only right! :)

Happy babes wishing for themselves. World-Peace, please.

ATTACKKKK!! Btw, the cake is really good! I wanna go back to breadtalk for more! Really yummilicious! Heavenly! The cake is damn soft and chocolatey... LOVE IT.

The joke of the day; but too bad, we were too slow and we couldn't catch ah mic feeding fuyuan with the cake! That's really sweet~~ of course, they are childhood lovers! HAAA!!

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Nitey all~

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