Monday, June 16, 2008

movies <3

Lately there's just too many movies i wanna watch! Heeee.

Caught "The Happening" with Xue last Friday, was not too bad overall. :) I love all those ang moh man! Previously i watched "Made of Honour" and that LAO SHUAI makes me goes gaga over him!


If possible, xuexue can i book you for Accuracy of Death and Missing? Somehow we have to catch Accuracy on weekends yea? Timing freaking weird but... Kaneshiro wor! As for Missing, we can choose a weekday; no need to spend so much on HK movie right? :)

I guess no one would want to watch Kungfu Panda...?! T.T

How about Narnia? Heard it's pretty good! But well, come to think of it... guess it is okay to give it a miss...

快....来约我吧! :)

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