Sunday, June 22, 2008

leaving... again

It's almost devastating to know that we're going to be short of one person again.

Besides Drama Queen who left the company in a fluff, we now have another one who has already planned to hop over to our biggest competitior in the market.


Seriously we are lack of manpower, and there's no way we can get a replacement that soon. And please, i'm already taking over SGP account, i dun really wanna touch on the other region for heaven's sake.

But i guess i'm not the only one getting troubled by this; my boss is also greatly affected as well. He tried all means to add benefits to this particular guy but who knows he don't even appreciate the least bit.

Quiting is fine; joining compeititor is way EVIL.

Do you know how much inside information he has relating to my company? :(

I thought i know what kind of a person he is, but sad to know that i actually misjudge him all along; everyone is selfish afterall.


Anyway, in my first 2 years in this company, i've NEVER seen anyone resigning from asiapac. The reason is, the benefits are too good to be true. TOO GOOD. No one would want to leave when ah-gong is bascially throwing money from the sky.

Now we are in this crisis, i thought we will stay together and support each other to overcome this, but... everyone is leaving for their own benefits.

Totally unbelievable.

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