Thursday, September 27, 2007

Rumours - 个个人心惶惶

Rumours have been spreading from one end to the other.

Appraisal is coming...! Appraisal is coming...!

We must fight for our bonusssss!!! YAY

But but but, recently i just made a rather big mistake. Well, i guess it's gonna affect my appraisal for sure.


I do the 'Right' things 100 times but no one ever appreciate; I do the 'Wrong' thing JUST ONCE and everyone bear it in their mind...!!

Now this appraisal thingy is making us 个个人心惶惶...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fun updates!

Bintan Trip was cool!

The swimming and the drinking was really fun and high...!! We swim from Sea to pool, pool to Sea and the funny thing is that we brought our drinks with us wherever we go. Meaning that, we get to drink even when we are in the pool!

Thanks to Shu and her 125 test tubes! Haaaa, seriously whenever i see the icebox filled with full of test tubes, i feel as tho we're going to do some illegal transaction. Haaaa.

Thru out the journey, I think we really did absurd things like showing our cleavage and posing real sexy pose (which we think it is) infront of the cam ... which i kinda regret when i see the photos! Haaaaaaa, really very unglam can! =D

In addition, the scenery in Bintan is totally breath-taking...! Especially when we have the smooth and whitey sands matching with the calm and greenish blue sea... and the island popping out nowhere in the middle of the sea!

It's really nice to have such getaways once in a while. And XUE, next time you die die have to come with us! You'll love it, i know =D

***** ***** ***** *****

This Monday we brought Girl Girl to Shuang Lin Monastery to see the "Ocean Theme" lanterns!

Ouh btw! My mom did a very terrible thing to Girl Girl... haaaaa




She really look abit goon now. =d

Oh btw, she love the lanterns!!


Oh, the fake moon! :)

Big fish sitting on a lotus.

Girl Girl playing with the Sotong!

Nemo and Dory.

Lastly we have fishes, starfishes and sotongs hanging on the trees. =D

I love mooncakes and i can't get enough of them. Now the festival is over and i only can wait for next year...! Awww.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Girl Girl with Toy Giraffee

Girl girl and her toy giraffee...



So tired...!

Tired of being a pushover, tired of putting on a strong front, tired of being used and taken advantage of.

I used to be someone quick-tempered and rather self-centered; not too good, but at least better than now!

I don't see why when i'm kind to people, they just don't appreciate and take me for granted again and again, AGAIN AND AGAIN!

It's not that i don't FEEL anything, it just that sometimes i don't see a need to voice out. But if you keep treating me like an idiot, i'm so gonna explode one day!

Really, it's infuriating!

Maybe i should stop being nice, since no one ever appreciate.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Movie - Ratatouille

Stars Review:

Overall it's quite good; but i don't have the "thing" for cartoons yea. =)

Leave? Or not?

Yes, i guess it's time to leave my job, yet again, the feeling of being lost, unable to get a job sorta haunts me over and over again.

What i can say is, there is nothing more to learn in my current job; everything practically repeats over and over again on a weekly basis.

From weekly reports to monthly reports and those stupid quotations which i have a ULTIMATE hard time dealing with the system! The part numbers just keep disappearing and it's really painful to spend 30 mins just finishing one quotation.

Besides that, i still have to deal with my ang moh counterpart when they don't even appreciate and only think full of themselves! Really makes me end up fuming and hitting my keyboard hard as if i'm hitting on their face.

But sometimes, i kinda like my job. I have perfect colleagues, perfect time management, perfect environment, perfect benefits.

Okay, not really perfect benefits. =(

Anyhow, i yearn to leave for a job where i can really learn and aids in my future endeavours. At least, at the very least if someone were to ask me what my company do, i don't have to reply: "we sell machines."

Sounds pretty unglam isn't it.

And the kinda machines we sell is really... ouh, no one have any idea what it is. Believe me, we can have senior colleagues not even knowing what our machine is working on and stuffs. I wasn't really interested to know either; but it was part of my job.

I know i've been treated good in this company; certainly i know my boss really wants me good. He has very high expectations of me, but i know i'm letting him down most of the time. Well, afterall i dun have any engineering background and those technical stuff really drives me crazy!

To my boss, he wants me to be exactly like him. The ability to think, plan and provide solution to customers. That's also why, most of the time he pissed me off and i really do feel like giving him a hard punch on his face!

I can't do it; i'm not like him. I still need probably another 5 years of experience before i can start thinking like him. But he will never get it; that explains why i'm so tired staying in this company.

He is always asking me to think, think, think and think. He don't accept my suggestion most of the time and kept asking why am i not thinking like him. Why! I don't know either!

I've already done my very very best. He knows it well enough. He says he recognises my ability but again, it's still not up to his expectation.


Simply mad lor!!


So... to leave or not to leave?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Girl Girl

If you have yet to see this... a clip of Girl Girl walking around. =D

Sunday, September 09, 2007


... back from BKK!

I've nothing much to complain since i have 2 lovely companions thru-out half of the journey in BKK. =D without them i'm going to suffer for real! Heeee and thanks for the donuts ah, i'm eating them now. =)

My colleagues have too much comments about my 2 girlfriends and the ladies must be quite happy ah! Keke! Yesterday at the airport, my taiwan sales said "Val, your 2 friends are kawaii type yea?"

HEHE, i said OF COURSE LAH! Wanna say i'm kawaii too but i think since that's already a fact... haaaaaa need not say much! *twist*

Ouh, anyway i was all of a sudden sick yesterday night. Was shivering yet trying so hard to msn, then fell aslp on my bed for a while, then woke up to send email then switch off everything and PAK, fell aslp in less than 30 secs? Was still shivering just now but i guess now everything is okay! HEE

My luggage is still placed nicely besides me and i really dun have the mood to unpack! Too lazy lah! haaaaaaa... wait till i have the mood to get everything washed and stuff.

AWWW, i sorta missed the happy days in BKK. =)

More trips soon i hope.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Oh god... now the wording all in Thai ah! Ngeh ngeh want to blog, dun care!

Okie, my laptop batt is dying on me... so i better be fast before i lose connection with the world. Funny eh, i came online only to realise all my friends are offline! What happen erh? You all went to celebrate for your good results huhhhhh? Your poor friend is very lonely in BKK you know. =(

I think everytime i come to BKK, there are sure surprises awaiting for me...

Like what one of my colleagues say, it's really disappointing. Yes, i know i've been here with them for 3 times but yet i still cannot really accept the way they're behaving. And believe it or not, i have one of my colleagues saying i will be a very good wife in future because i don't mind their behavior. FUCK 'EM; if my another half were to do this to me, i'll probably kill him or kill that bitch.......... I SWEAR.

They are just my colleagues; why should i even care?? *kicks*

Well, apart from this topic... I have really good food these few days. Heee crabs, lobsters, prawns, fish blah blah blah. Love their fried rice and pineapple rice so i took alot of them! HAAAAA my malaysian brother already asking me to control!!!

So maybe when i come back to SIN i must start my dieting plan asap.

Also also, really glad that my friends pass their papers with good results! =D


Tho i'm not here but i'm really happy for the both of you okie! I wanna celebrate with you'all but i know you'all sure celebrate without me right...! *pouts*

Nvm, just buy me dinner when i'm back on sat! HEEEE

Alright, i still have a long meeting tomorrow; hopefully i will come online again after the meeting.

Tsk, come online leh.