Sunday, September 09, 2007


... back from BKK!

I've nothing much to complain since i have 2 lovely companions thru-out half of the journey in BKK. =D without them i'm going to suffer for real! Heeee and thanks for the donuts ah, i'm eating them now. =)

My colleagues have too much comments about my 2 girlfriends and the ladies must be quite happy ah! Keke! Yesterday at the airport, my taiwan sales said "Val, your 2 friends are kawaii type yea?"

HEHE, i said OF COURSE LAH! Wanna say i'm kawaii too but i think since that's already a fact... haaaaaa need not say much! *twist*

Ouh, anyway i was all of a sudden sick yesterday night. Was shivering yet trying so hard to msn, then fell aslp on my bed for a while, then woke up to send email then switch off everything and PAK, fell aslp in less than 30 secs? Was still shivering just now but i guess now everything is okay! HEE

My luggage is still placed nicely besides me and i really dun have the mood to unpack! Too lazy lah! haaaaaaa... wait till i have the mood to get everything washed and stuff.

AWWW, i sorta missed the happy days in BKK. =)

More trips soon i hope.

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