Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Oh god... now the wording all in Thai ah! Ngeh ngeh want to blog, dun care!

Okie, my laptop batt is dying on me... so i better be fast before i lose connection with the world. Funny eh, i came online only to realise all my friends are offline! What happen erh? You all went to celebrate for your good results huhhhhh? Your poor friend is very lonely in BKK you know. =(

I think everytime i come to BKK, there are sure surprises awaiting for me...

Like what one of my colleagues say, it's really disappointing. Yes, i know i've been here with them for 3 times but yet i still cannot really accept the way they're behaving. And believe it or not, i have one of my colleagues saying i will be a very good wife in future because i don't mind their behavior. FUCK 'EM; if my another half were to do this to me, i'll probably kill him or kill that bitch.......... I SWEAR.

They are just my colleagues; why should i even care?? *kicks*

Well, apart from this topic... I have really good food these few days. Heee crabs, lobsters, prawns, fish blah blah blah. Love their fried rice and pineapple rice so i took alot of them! HAAAAA my malaysian brother already asking me to control!!!

So maybe when i come back to SIN i must start my dieting plan asap.

Also also, really glad that my friends pass their papers with good results! =D


Tho i'm not here but i'm really happy for the both of you okie! I wanna celebrate with you'all but i know you'all sure celebrate without me right...! *pouts*

Nvm, just buy me dinner when i'm back on sat! HEEEE

Alright, i still have a long meeting tomorrow; hopefully i will come online again after the meeting.

Tsk, come online leh.

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