Sunday, October 19, 2008

Grown Up

She is all grown up already!

Getting very naughty recently; you instruct her not to do it, the more she wants to do it.

Example, just 2 hours ago when we were having light supper at mac's, she was joyfully playing with her fries. I told her strictly that she shouldn't play with her food, and upon hearing that, she immediately used both of her hands to grab the fries and gave 'em a gentle squeeze.

So, sometimes i wonder, should i made that kinda statement not?


FYI: I need to dine at mac again tomorrow for their happy meal 'cause their giveaways for this week is the BLOSSOM toy from ppg! Yay yay yay.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lost & Found


Seems like xue found my 3120033?!

OMGGGGGGG! I gasped at the sms, i was seriously thrilled and i couldn't control my emotions!!! I was so close, way too close, almost-ed, whatever! I wanted to jump around NTUC at the point when i was reading the sms! Wahahaha!!

Goodness, all of a sudden i felt as if im 20 years old again!

And I just hope xue got the right person. :)


Well actually, i do realise i'm beaming in silliness while writing this entry. Wahahaha.

Double :)!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

BBB Getaway

Apparently today marks the 3rd day of diahorrea, and i'm so not gonna do anything about it 'cause i know this doesn't come easy. :)

Omg. i'm ultimate gross.

Alright, came back from bintan a few days ago, didn't really enjoy the food there 'cause of the bloated-ness of my gastric... and just got recovered yesterday after taking the gastric pills. MY APPETITE IS BACK AGAIN! Might be a little too late, but it's better than having to starve for another 1 or 2 days.

Weather in bintan is kinda weird, sunny in 2 hours, rainy in another 1 hour... and we really have to get hold of the sun in order to get some quicking tanning, however not the case for me. I'm exactly the same shade before and after bintan. Okay, i guess my feet has gotten some tan!

*Eagerly trying to prove so*

We ordered a 7 course dinner at oleh-oleh, and seriously it's such a pity that i couldn't finish the oatmeal (from oatmeal prawn); i bet it sure taste super wonderfully with the rice!!

Mic and stacia damn enjoyed the crabs, while da jie was busy with her lemon chicken and kang-kong (with lotsa stem btw). Despite ordering so many dishes, it was rather cheap...! Well, maybe because the portion was small, but is more than enough for the 4 of us. :) Ermm, not the crabs tho!!

Couldn't get used to the kinda life i'm leading (home, work, school, home) when i'm back from bintan. Well, i couldn't really describe... it just feel rather strange in a way. Maybe i'm just not suitable to be a full time working slave... (which is not exactly the case since i'm always sitting infront of my laptop, letting the clock ticks away) =d

I'm looking forward for more travels next year!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

In short

Ahhhh finally! After a long while, we managed to catch up for like 2 hours!! She has always been a baby-baby to me :) Heeee.

In short, just wanna say THANK YOU for the cookies! Heeee, i love 'em very much and yeah, girl-girl love the cookies as much as i do. Wahahaha!!

Babyyyyy, even the way we smile is still the same like 5 years ago lor! Goodness!! HAAAAAA

So... Selamat Hari Raya!! Sorry no green packet for you this time, but i will belanja you the next time we meet up. Nyehehehe. :)

Sunday, October 05, 2008

There's no hurry anymore

"Standing calmly at the crossroad, no desire to run
there's no hurry anymore when all is said and done"

I wonder how long would it takes me in order to experience this; sitting and resting at somewhere, slowly letting time pass by without having to do anything, without having to worry about anything.

Time is way too precious now, and we don't have enough time to just sit at somewhere and let the clock ticks away...

It would be wonderful if i'm able to take a long leave, travel to the other side of the world, sit at the cafe all by myself, listen to some good music and let the day pass. :)

Well, i guess we have just too much to worry and at times it's really really tiring! And yeah, that's when we seriously need a break from this busy city to somewhere, somewhere that's rather slow-paced, somewhere i have plenty of time to listen to the whhooossshhh of the ocean... and the tickling of the clock.

I guess i have to wait till my retirement for making these possible? Damn... i'm looking forward to this YET i don't want to grow old that soon.

Nevermind, at least i've something to look forward to this coming weekend!! WHOOOPEEE YAY!!

I'm going to let my hair down and enjoy every single bit of it. :)

There will be no more traveling until Mar'09, i guess it's gonna be a hard time for me! And i seriously hope my itchy fingers won't find its way to the budget airfare webby sites. HAAAA! That's normally the start of all sorrows!


Another start of a weekday, and i believe things will get better on it's own.

I have to keep the smile on my face. :)

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Best Airline

Most of the people told me that the best airline they've experienced is SIA.

Well, you've probably not fly Thai Airways yet.

No, I've not seen the world yet but I've tried flying different airlines, and I always look forward flying Thai, even the Safety Video attracts me totally! I'll make sure I finished the whole video before I go for the short nap. :)

I've not seen service with such genuineness, and this is not what other airlines are able to compete with. Correct me if i'm wrong?

Yes, SIA provides excellent service as well, but it seems that whenever they smile, it doesn't appear to be coming out from the bottom of their heart. Their smile fades off as they turn away from you... Do you have the same sentiments?

Yes? No? Doesn't really matter; it's not ethically wrong anyway. It's just that Thai really made an effort to be different from others. Or rather, its their culture that makes them glow!

No doubt SIA is always ranked the first, but i seriously think otherwise.

(Well, this sounds a little odd to be coming out of me, considering i'm someone rather patriotic! Com'on, i'm still proud of SIA!!)

Thai might not have the best food, best facilities, etc. but their unique airline service definitely outwin all other aspects. And that's what i love about Thai. :)

Enjoy the Safety Video, it's something that really warms my heart. :)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Gone Completely Mad

Yes, i would love to watch Mamma Mia again, even if it's the third time already!!

I'm all all all crazy over Mamma Mia, and i'm looping their songs again and again on my notebook!!! HEHE. Nope i didn't buy the soundtrack, but my colleague is nice enough to send me the songs. :)

Damn happy!

But what makes me happy... is him! HIM HIM HIM!

My Royal Pierce Brosnan! SOS!!!

Don't laugh at me okay, i'm sure everyone loves him. Haaaaa. They better release the DVD soon, else i couldn't refrain myself from watching it like again!

I think i can watch it again and again, maybe even to the extend of reading out their dialogues before they could! HAAAAA. Like what i've told xue, it's like listening to a CD... you keep wanting to hear more! But at the same time, you will have to pay to have them replayed. A littleeee expensive.

But i don't mind, as long as i've good company. :)

Go watch it if you haven't, but please don't critise it if you don't like musical. Thank you!