Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Gone Completely Mad

Yes, i would love to watch Mamma Mia again, even if it's the third time already!!

I'm all all all crazy over Mamma Mia, and i'm looping their songs again and again on my notebook!!! HEHE. Nope i didn't buy the soundtrack, but my colleague is nice enough to send me the songs. :)

Damn happy!

But what makes me happy... is him! HIM HIM HIM!

My Royal Pierce Brosnan! SOS!!!

Don't laugh at me okay, i'm sure everyone loves him. Haaaaa. They better release the DVD soon, else i couldn't refrain myself from watching it like again!

I think i can watch it again and again, maybe even to the extend of reading out their dialogues before they could! HAAAAA. Like what i've told xue, it's like listening to a CD... you keep wanting to hear more! But at the same time, you will have to pay to have them replayed. A littleeee expensive.

But i don't mind, as long as i've good company. :)

Go watch it if you haven't, but please don't critise it if you don't like musical. Thank you!

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