Saturday, September 27, 2008

Too much wisdom can cause...


Hasn't been eating well the past 2 days due to the constant aching of my wisdom tooth. The back of the gum is completely swollen (all the way to the side of my neck), and i can already bite the soft swollen gums with the upper and lower wisdom tooth.

Well, I just can't join the upper row and lower row of teeth together since the gum is right in the middle. All i can do is to wait for the swell to subside which will take days/ weeks. AHHH i really don't know. I only know i wanna bite and chew food now since i've been vigorously swallowing food for the whole of 2 days.

I tried swallowing pork yesterday and it was tough. :( The brinjal that i've tried to swallow today kinda failed; i've to remove the skin before swallowing it... And yeah baked rice doesn't help too. The rice is just not soft enough and i'm practically swallowing everything without biting a single bit...! Worse of all, i'm eating like a snail. :(

Bought some Campbell soups for lunch today, supposedly to help me fill my stomach since i hadn't been able to have a good breakfast this morning. Unfortunately, the soup doesn't really help; maybe a bit, 'cause i was already feeling quite hungry even before evening could reached.

I hate porridge to the core, and i think porridge is only for those who are really sick and maybe with completely no appetite. Well, i obviously do have the appetite and i need rrrrreal food. I just simply hate the fact that i've to bite/chew them 'cause it sounds totally impossible right now.

I also can't imagine the fact that my lecture mate suggests that i take meal supplements since i can't really eat and was complaining about being hungry. Please... i need real food, not just drinks.

Anyway... there's no need to take pity of me; i'm looking for ways to consume food and i'm on medication => it better be effective! Well-well, I guess tomorrow will just be another hard day for me.


I'm still going to KTV lor!


At this point of time while i'm typing this entry, my swollen gum is protesting like mad; it feels as if little devils are participating in the grinding of my wisdom tooth!

I guess it would be a sleepness night again.

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