Sunday, September 07, 2008

Retro night out with 3bs

Awwww, vvvvery tired! *sleepy eyes

I'm totally drained after yesterday's retro night, which was fun (dancing in the rain with the mud all over my feet) and extremely full (having breezers and breezers and breezers non-stop)... and i got super hungry the moment i got home!!! Sigh, munched on mooncakes again in the middle of the night. Please, every bite made me feel ultimate guilty!

My arms hurt like crazy and my feet still ache very much, even now! I'm looking high and low for my antidote yoko-yoko, but i have no idea where it went. AAABISHHHH!

Apart from the strained arm/ feet, we were really VERY 破相 yesterday!! GOSH, our make-up was almost gone and our clothes were totally soaked BUT, the best part was our feet.

The feeling of stepping onto the mud is really disgusting, and imagine i've got mud splashed on my face and neck! OMGGGGGGGGGGGG

Basically >50% of the photos in my camera simply just CANNOT BE POSTED due to the horrid 破相-ness! Muahahaha.

Overall we did have fun, just that the place was too brightly lit-ed and the rain shouldn't have come.... Else i would have felt way better. :)


Mooncake festival is just around the corner! HEHEHE i'm gonna plan for Mooncake party at work on WEDNESDAY, then a city night tour on SATURDAY and cpyx gathering on SUNDAY.

This coming week is gonna be a FAST one.

More pictures soon =d

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