Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mamma Mia!

Gosh... I'm just another who's damn in love with Mamma mia!

I have always love musical due to the upbringing of YSS' Choir. HAAAA don't laugh, i seriously meant it.

Mamma Mia is not just a musical movie to me; it brings back the memories i had nearly 10 years ago. Goodness gracious!! 10 FREAKING YEARS!!

Just how much it touches me when all of them started singing "Dancing Queen"... It really gets me reminded of the good-old-days. :)

I guess i know how embarrassing it is to be part of choir. However, no matter how embarrassing we are, how people look at us, what kind of laughing stock we've become, we really really enjoy being part of it.

Well well, it's all history now.

Okay, back to Mamma Mia.

I have to say, Pierce Brosnan is freaking WAY TOO GOOD-LOOKING for his age! Damn 老帅!! It's kinda disgusting to see him kiss/smooch/hug Donna actually; i guess it would be more appropiate for him to deal with a younger woman. MUAHAHAHA.

Anyway, the way he tuck his hand into his pocket really really mesmerize me! MELTED TOTALLY.

Seriously i wouldn't mind watching it the second time 'cause it's really worth it. AHA! Probably i will sing out loud during the midst of the show.


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