Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Short & Crazy Entry

Took half day leave today and it felt INCREDIBLY GOOD leaving halfway when others are still working and yearning for 5.30pm badly!! MUAHAHAAA!!

Did my haircut like finally! I think it looks better than my obiang hairstyle previously. Many complained that it looks auntie... Oh well, it's now history. HEEE.

September is a busy month with a lot of outings and birthdays! :) I love gatherings alot alot! And yes, MOONCAKE!!! I'm dreaming of having mooncake buffet with various types all placed right in front of me! OH MY GOD...! Asked xue and my sis, they don't really like the idea of it. HEEE.

Recently i'm all crazy over mooncake and i really thank Chang-er from the bottom of my heart. Whooooppsssss... It's not her! It's the guy who stuff a note into the bread/cake/mooncake to deliver certain message for someone. :)

Had Tunglok white lotus single yolk this morning and i LOVED it. HAAAA actually if you were to give me ANY white lotus single/ double yolk, i will tell you it's good. I don't really care about the brands when it comes to mooncake. =d

So, i've changed my blog skin again! I seriously like this skin way better 'cause the colors brightens me up totally. :)

Just like da rainbow!

Rainbow i saw from the mrt 1 week ago :)

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