Friday, August 29, 2008

Hee updates

YAY tomorrow is a Friday!!

It has been a really long wait... I need lotsa sleep on Saturday i believe! Although i'm pretty tired now, i try to stay awake since i'm only left with a day to work. Hee hee.

My face allergic is back, thanks to my mom's cleanser... and also me being super forgetful! Argh, i run out of cleanser 3 days ago and i decided to use my mom's cleanser for the time being. Well. who were to know that the allergic came back, but it wasn't as serious as the previous time.

Colleagues have been noticing the red lumps over my cheeks and chin, even eye lids! Gosh... i tried to use mask for straight 2 days but there's not much help tho. Last resort to is use the super powerful Concealer to conceal but still, it will be out to meet the others by noon. =(

Let's wait for it to slowly go away... but i can say it's pretty bad. T.T

Saturday i'm finally going for a haircut, but i have yet to decide if i should just cut these trash away or i should layered it a little to make it look better?

I have been having short hair for quite long and i really dread to cut my hair that frequently, considering that the haircut is not really cheap huh.

Well Well, need some time to brainstorm and also to seek opinions. :)


OMG! The Durian Mooncake from Goodwood is really really good...!!!

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