Sunday, August 24, 2008

Natsu-matsuri <3

I have a very good friend by the name of an-pan man, and yea we went natsu matsuri with her earlier today. :)

Isn't she gorgeous? Hehe. She shall not be named! Tho i think you should be able to see who she is ...

Hee anyway, we had lotsa fun today and someone was being called "kawaii" ok! :) Of course! And we are planning to get ourselves OUR OWN yukata so we can wear for our very own summer festival which occurs all round the year.

Imagine playing mahjong or our drinking session with yukata. Whhhooooopps.


Chio ahhhhhh :)

I finally grew so much taller... HAAAAA

The 2 tallies! Very very happie :)

All so sweeeeet lor! =D

Busy cam-whoring... but that's what we ought to do!! HEE

Ohayo...! oka-sama!

Oyasumi... geishaaaaaaa! =D

Oh my... look at the kids! They're super KAWAIIIIIII...! Esp the younger kid in red, very photogenic and sweet-looking :)

And lastly, the "yan yu" that they had...! Muahahaa bold bold stacia helped xuexue to ask for this group photo!

Look at xue's face......... she is thrilled lor! XD


Erm.. actually thought of uploading one of the pictures which is REALLY COOL but due to some sensitive issue, please refer to the below link to the album for more details... HAAAAA it's something that i have not seen in my whole lifetime.

Truly amazing!!! (hint: no. 2o)

Anyway, before i went to bathe just, i planned to lie on my bed for a few minutes ... but who knows i was completely KO-ed! Finally woke up one hour later when my mom and niece is back from their routine aunties-visiting.

Hee, really tired mah. :)

ZOO-ing tml! Many many events and more pics will be up soon i guess?

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