Sunday, March 30, 2008

Birthday Celebration!

Thanks for the wonderful celebration yesterday, my darlings. :)

Really appreciates your efforts, gifts and cards!

Well, someone asked me how does it feel to be 24; erm... i'm not too sure, but i think i still feel pretty young... no?

I guess you'all know it, right!?

Yea, i'm just a kid that refuse to grow up. Muahahaaaaa =X

Anyhow... it's time to share the pictures :)

On the Cab to Orchard; still very fresh and chio ah the make-up!

Then we proceed to the... KTV!

My birthday cake!! And yesh, i was very very surprised; thank you! <3<3

We tried to do the stars formation tho we only have 4 person... :)

Hope everything goes smoothly this year ahead!

Silly act instructed by Silly Jo. Haaaaaa

The dancing that they forced me to do....!! ARGH T.T

You can view the albums for more information... wahaha. It's at the photo link on my right navigation bar. =D

Then we proceed to Waraku, the Japanese Restaurant for the dinner!

Us Ceepykamx, less Esther. AIYO, WE MISS YOU ARH!

See we left a gap in the middle... the space is for you ONLY ah, sther!

The HAPPY Family!

Hee, another try.

Yummy... but too big a portion! Haaaaa!

Next up is the pictures starring ms ah mic (a human pet), being bullied by her owner.

Grabbing her by her head.

Squeezing her cheeks.

Hitting her with something and yet feeding her at the very same time. :)

Punching her when she refuse to eat.

Feeding her with sesame (a human pet's food)

And of course, WATER! HAAAAAA.

Enough of the bullying... we cam-whore instead.

All my darlings.

Our stars formation; once again.

My birthday kiss. :) SO SWEET!

Then another round of surprise!! Well, this time not too surprising because lala accidentally blurt out the plan, but it doesn't matter! =D

Our birthday cake which have to be paid by ourselves... wahahaha, what the!

Blowing off the candles! And yea, it proves that i'm rather gullible! I totally didn't know what that waiter was doing until my girls told me so. HEE.

After the super fulling dinner!

The sisters! WEEEE.


I was SUPER enjoying myself yesterday, and i believe you guys are feeling the same way too!

Thanks Eve and Kierra for the dinner as well~ :)

Now i can't wait for the next birthday celebration with you'all.

Loves ya~ <3<3

Saturday, March 29, 2008


It's the eve of my birthday, and i'm experiencing a very very bad diahorrea, along with ultra bad stomach cramp.

I've been visiting the toilet for 4 times and i think there's nothing left already....


I've popped in some diahorrea pills and soon i will be popping in panadol, maybe for the rest of the day as well.

................... i just hope my mood wouldnt be ruin today; it's supposed to be a happy celebration!

Haiz, and the flow... i dun wanna talk about it.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I'm someone who's quite 怀旧; think you can see from my earlier post for the list of Japanese dramas we used to watch when we were still teens. HEE.

Well, today by chance i saw a series of SBC theme songs on youtube, so i decided to blog about it and also to share my memories with all of ya reading this. :)

Presenting you my top 3 favorite SBC drama...! *pardon the low quality of the clips*

starring: Zoe Tay & Desmond Sim (Sibei yandaooooo!)

starring: Chen Xiu-huan & Chen Li-Ping

starring: Chen Bi-Feng, Yang Li-Bing & Hu Shu-Xian

Totally love these 3 dramas when i was young!!

And yeah, i also like one horror drama starring Zoe Tay, named 一号凶宅... but too bad i dun find it anywhere on youtuby :)

Hmm before i end this post, i want to say something... HEE

沈金兴 used to be my super idol!!!

HAAAAA, million times more yandao than my current boss okay! Muahahaa =x

Sunday, March 16, 2008


My colleague bought a brand new phone again...! Her N73 is only less than a year old man... DAMN, she's always tempting me! Makes me wanna buy new phone as well! AHHHHHH

Anyhow, my contract will only turn a year in May; that leaves me with no choice either. HAAAA, will just wait and see if there's any new upcoming model that can really attracts me... :)

Despite the miserable 2MP camera, i think the rest of the features shud be okay? KEKE

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I'm glad that i'm still my ex-boss' little girl.

Am still getting a lot of attention from him although i'm no longer working under him. :)

Unlike the yandao, he always appear to be so pretentious to me.

Always smiling.

But never once really cares for me; in terms of work.

I'm given alot of additional work after the re-shuffle.

He didn't make an effort to call me; only ask me YES or NO.

Never ask me for my opinion.

My ex-boss did.

He called me personally.

He said, "You must voice out if you are loaded with work, as you know, XXX doesn't know anything."

I agree.

He doesn't know anything.

Or rather, he doesn't bother.

I'm just a assistant to him; i'm of no value.

But my ex-boss is different.

I'm like a half sister/ daughter to him.

Yes he is naggy, never fails to reprimand me when my work quality is not up to his standard.

But at least he is not pretentious, and he praises me whenever i've done well for something.

And he still do it now although he is super busy managing the whole team.

He has 20 over subordinates currently while yandao only got 6, including me.

Yet he can't even fork out some time to call me and understand my current workload.

I hate it when he smiles and tell me i've done a good work when i've done nothing at all.

Obviously lying.

I just hate it.

Hate it.

Ex-boss just sent me an e-mail and says he's proud of me for certain things i did.

I mean, there's no need for him to send such an email 'cause i'm no longer under him.

But still, he did.

I'm very thankful and glad, because no one in the office has got such a good boss.

Which i once did.