Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I'm someone who's quite 怀旧; think you can see from my earlier post for the list of Japanese dramas we used to watch when we were still teens. HEE.

Well, today by chance i saw a series of SBC theme songs on youtube, so i decided to blog about it and also to share my memories with all of ya reading this. :)

Presenting you my top 3 favorite SBC drama...! *pardon the low quality of the clips*

starring: Zoe Tay & Desmond Sim (Sibei yandaooooo!)

starring: Chen Xiu-huan & Chen Li-Ping

starring: Chen Bi-Feng, Yang Li-Bing & Hu Shu-Xian

Totally love these 3 dramas when i was young!!

And yeah, i also like one horror drama starring Zoe Tay, named 一号凶宅... but too bad i dun find it anywhere on youtuby :)

Hmm before i end this post, i want to say something... HEE

沈金兴 used to be my super idol!!!

HAAAAA, million times more yandao than my current boss okay! Muahahaa =x

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