Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I'm glad that i'm still my ex-boss' little girl.

Am still getting a lot of attention from him although i'm no longer working under him. :)

Unlike the yandao, he always appear to be so pretentious to me.

Always smiling.

But never once really cares for me; in terms of work.

I'm given alot of additional work after the re-shuffle.

He didn't make an effort to call me; only ask me YES or NO.

Never ask me for my opinion.

My ex-boss did.

He called me personally.

He said, "You must voice out if you are loaded with work, as you know, XXX doesn't know anything."

I agree.

He doesn't know anything.

Or rather, he doesn't bother.

I'm just a assistant to him; i'm of no value.

But my ex-boss is different.

I'm like a half sister/ daughter to him.

Yes he is naggy, never fails to reprimand me when my work quality is not up to his standard.

But at least he is not pretentious, and he praises me whenever i've done well for something.

And he still do it now although he is super busy managing the whole team.

He has 20 over subordinates currently while yandao only got 6, including me.

Yet he can't even fork out some time to call me and understand my current workload.

I hate it when he smiles and tell me i've done a good work when i've done nothing at all.

Obviously lying.

I just hate it.

Hate it.

Ex-boss just sent me an e-mail and says he's proud of me for certain things i did.

I mean, there's no need for him to send such an email 'cause i'm no longer under him.

But still, he did.

I'm very thankful and glad, because no one in the office has got such a good boss.

Which i once did.


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