Tuesday, September 27, 2005


So we are going to get sued for insulting others thru blogging.

We can't talk about other ppl, not even if it's named anonymous. What the hell, i thought this is suppose to be like a diary? 5 JC students are forced to stop schooling for 3 days just because they blog about their principal. I couldn't believe the news, blog is supposed to be somewhere that we can bitch about anything. Now, you want us to close our blog or.. blog about education? Blog about cos, sin and tan? Blog about "Hao Gong Ming" or "CME"?

If someone steal my wallet and i got a chance to blog his/her pic up, are the police officers gonna track him/her down? Will they believe in what i've written in the blog? Same thing, if i blog about this so and so person, saying i want to murder him or her, will i be charged?

Very kns lor, we still have to delete the entry and make a public apology for that. This is getting ridiculous.. Next time i'm gonna write my thoughts and views in my diary book and circulate it around for you guys to read. Erm, i think that's the safest way? I don't wanna be jailed for writing nonsense.

There are alot of new laws now, eg: no smoking in blah blah areas, no pointing of "international sign", no blogging and insulting others.


I'm gonna migrate!

The comments above are of own views, pls do not take it seriously. IT'S ALL FICITIONAL.


* * * * *

Anyway i've received a compliment today.

"Are you always that quiet?" - From my colleague who know me less than 2 days. Try one more week and you'll regret what you've said.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Girls live for the sake of LOVE.

Sometimes i'm contradicting myself. Certain things I say might not be what or how i feel. Maybe i'm just too afraid to expose my true feelings, or.. maybe i'm really feeling the way i thought i am feeling.

* * * * *

Xue told me that mostly woman live for the sake of love. 70% of my friends are single, so i might not understand the logic quite well.

Xue's buddies around her are mostly attached, except for me i guess. Haaaa. Sometimes she has to meet up with the couples, awww.. she must be feeling very awkward. Erm.. I don't know, but if i'm the one i will feel super awkward, i might just find a bf for the sake of finding. Oops.

Seriously.. not that i dun believe in love. It's just too hard for me to fall in love with another person. 1000 over people, maybe i will only like one and very high possibility (as high as 99%) that person won't like me. So... back to square one.

Yes i want to get married, thats for sure. Since i can't find the right one, i would have to look in for other criteria like rich, charming, tall.. so on and so fourth.

Oh yah almost forgot.. they wont choose me too!! Argh, then rich lor.. 'cause i dun wanna work. Haaaaa.

Guys who's not really good-looking need not worry that they can't look for someone pretty. In fact, they are the ones who can walk away with pretty young ladies! Mostly girls look for character and not looks. (except for me lah) If the guy really make her touched by doing certain things, the girl will love him with all her heart.

Guys.. different hor.

Guys are visual animals. (quoted from somewhere) The first thing they want in a girlfriend is looks, then big boobs. haiz... how can like that? Of course there are lots of other guys out there who don't care about these. I've seen them, and yeah.. they exist but not too many.

So after one big round, i think i like gays.

Why not?

They are sensitive towards our feelings and i think they're real cute. Not only cute, i think they're very special. Of course i'm not saying those "bapok" lah.. I'm refering to those who behave in a feminine way, but not those after operation kind. They're a special kind of people, and i like them.

Ohhh, too far away from my topic. Yesh, mostly girls live for the sake of love, but not for my case. I know you guys will start saying "Aiya, once she finds her 'right' one, she will become another person lah." Not exactly, 'cause I'm sort of a practical person. In love, i can foresee myself in a very 'clear-headed' relationship.

That's me. hee.

* * * * *

If you're wondering why i manage to come online again, maybe it's because of my luck? Hee. Who knows the next time i might not be able switch on my comp? Things happen without any premonition.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Well, recently i feel like a zombie.. didn't sleep well for the whole week. =(

Yesterday i'm basically trying to catch some sleep at my workplace...

20% - fell asleep
20% - almost fell asleep, screensaver running*
40% - staring at the monitor, trying my best to open my eyes
10% - going to loo, walking around
10% - doing work

*normally when i'm about to sleep, i tend to visualize some images where i couldn't remember right after i open my eyes. I called that a screensaver. Anyone experienced that before? Oooo, looks like i'm the only one? awww.

What resulted me to behave in this manner? Not me, but my bosses! For goodness sake, they haven't been passing me any work after knowing about my departure. Yeah, i know i'm leaving soon but at least give me some work to do right! %#!@&@##!!! I'm like soooo BORED. So bored therefore so sleepy. So sleepy therefore i have no choice but to sleep. Hee. I can even sleep when i'm 'half-way' listening to what my boss was saying. (almost bang into the monitor =x)

Yesterday i actually thought of blogging before i'm off to bed, but i was too tired to even think. Erm, so around 10.30pm, i went to bed and *tink* ... i think i felt asleep after like 1 min? or.. 20 sec? Was so bloody tired~ and i woke up super late this morning. =p

And yeah! i'm leaving this friday and i'm taking a temp with me. Yesh, she quitted too and we're leaving on the same day! She was employed by my director and well, was scolded for leaving the company. Luckily i don't have to suffer so much, reason being... my pay is low. Hahaha.

A new temp (19 yrs old!) is coming this friday~ yupp, she's there to cover for my position. Whoa, at least i have someone to talk to yea. But the funny part is.. why has it gotta be my last day?! Someone so my age... we will have so many topics to share, but too bad.. think she will suffer what i'm suffering. Tsk tsk. =D

New company next week! I'm gonna get a super cute mug and some decorative items. Yea yea i know it's only for 4 months but i just want to feel belong mah. Erm, maybe i should get a small pillow. Erm, you don't call that a pillow.. erm what's the name for it? Arh, couldn't remember at this moment... *yawns*

Alright alright it's time to bid goodbye~ good nitez. tataZzz!!

*Okay, i will blog whatever i want to share, and ppl.. pls be patient with me. Read and forget, okay?

Saturday, September 17, 2005


I have something in my throat but i couldn't voice out.

Maybe it's due to the previous bad experience i had, now.. i'm afraid that the same thing might just happen over and over again.

I thought a blog is somewhere i could share different things at different angles, different perspectives. Well.. maybe i shouldn't go further.

* * * * *

I'm changing job, guys. I'm gonna leave STB and join cathay org. Erm, once again.. it's not any fantastic job. Just a temp marketing assistant with a 4 months contract. If i'm lucky, probably they will make me a perm staff.. well, i think that's almost impossible. Haaaaa.

YEAH! Going for bbq later~! Erm, think we bought too much food, looks like we aint gonna finish them. Hahaha, too many hotdogs, too many crabsticks! (I dun like hotdog la, but lurves crabstick!) and my all-time-favorites => NUGGETS dipped with honey! Whoa help help help.. very nice! And yea i almost forgot.. MOONCAKES!! Well, have to buy 'em on the way to the bbq i guess. =)

Tonight it's gonna be a happy and memorable night, i know.. i just know it.

Weeee, have a nice weekend guys!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Comp died

Now you see me, now you don't.

It aint anything spooky, it's juz that my comp is dying on me.. All the viruses came at the bloody same time! I have no time to analyse them, so i might just disappear from this internet world anyday, anytime.

I might not be able to blog, i might just lose everything i have in my lovely comp. She used to be so healthy and 24/7, always working well. What's going on.. what causes it to become like that??

I'm feeling so exhausted after work, i dun wan to face a comp with so many problems. Temp dialer, spyware pop-ups, stupid looking toolbars, free porn. All these once disappeared in my life, and now it's back again. How cruel. How funny.

I thought i always have a way with these silly viruses..

And now i'm just one of the victim.

Now i can only pray that my comp will slowly and automatically recover by its ownself (like every other time). And soon i'll be able to roam around other webby without feeling disturbed.. .. ..

Friday, September 09, 2005


8.20am. Friday. Erm.. nice weather =)

Okay, don't be surprised 'coz i'm blogging as this hour. Haaaa, i've decided not to turn up for work since i'm having diarrhoea~ Woooooo i took a good half-day leave yesterday too. Which means.. it's a super long weekend for me. =) i'm enjoying this small break as much as i can, so i do not intend to sleep. I'm going surf my net until my comp gets burnt. Wahahaha.. pardon me. =D

This 2 weeks i haven been going online regularly. Each visit is definitely no more than 2 hours. This is so not like me huh, i used to spend approximately 10 hours everyday. Don't ask me what i do online.. 'Cause everyone asked me about it and i have no answers. Haaaaa.

At this time i would have reached the Ang Mo Kio station, sulking at all the working ppl who's in the cabin. Squeezing of ppl, meeting unconsiderate babarians, looking at the empty seat which is suddenly occupied in less than a sec.. so on and so fourth. But today it's different! I'm staying at home, laughing at those who went for work today. =D

And excuse me, i'm having diarrhoea okay, so i'm not exactly fortunate. Actually 45 mins ago, im still struggling if i should go for work. I've some pending stuff to be completed today, and i certainly believe there's no one else in the office who can do that sdf application. My bosses really sucks big time lor. After struggling over and over again, i decided i move out of the house. I switched off my comp and walk out of my room with my bag and sweater but in less than a min, i went back to my room, turn on my comp once again and sat happily on my chair.

Who cares about the sdf application.

So i changed into my causal home wear and threw my bag and sweater away. =)

Here i am, blogging. Haaaaaa, didn't managed to blog these few days and hands are feeling itchy yea. Wanted to type a really long loong looong entry but no matter how i see it, it's still kinda short. Nevermind it, content nice can liao. *puke, puking, puked, pui!*

Tml is a BBQ day! Erm.. now i'm wondering if i can still go? Well.. for the sake of the potato salad, i think i better go lah. It's too much of a temptation. Haaaaaaa!!! and.. MOONCAKES!!


Alright guys, i've to call my boss regarding the sdf application. If he claims that he cannot do it, probably i have to make my way down to orchard to do the application for him. Sux right.

Monday, September 05, 2005


If i were to release a book call...

Will anyone pre-order this book from me?


It's the very first time i've encounter this. So far, all my bosses from all kinda companies have been nice to me. They are always so concern about me, eg. ask me to have lunch with them when lunch-break is near, ask me to go back when it's time to knock-off. But my these current super-natural managers are really @#%&#^*# lor...

Can't really stand that particular boss of mine. She arh, always push blames to me when she don't even know the kinda instruction she gave me was never clear enough.

Whatever the case, i've decided to murder her so.. stay tune !! Once i've released the book i will give you guys a book each. You can murder your own colleagues after reading... =)

More feedback pls!

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Yea people, i seldom blog these few days because.. i've found a job!! Haaaa, it's not any fantastic job.. erm, it's just a temp job at Singapore Tourism Board. I work as a temp officer in the HR department, doing super, pure admin job.

Eh pay wise.. only $7.50 per hour. The previous girl was taking $8 per hour T.T, think it's because i didnt negotiate with the agency. Awww shud have right, then shud be able to take more income home. More money to shop too!!

Well, basically these few days i'm having my lunch alone at Tanglin Mall. My bosses don't really bother about where did i go for lunch, who i'm going with, so on. They went lunch on their own and totally forget about my existence. T.T super sad right? They went lunch before me and didn't bother to ask me along, so black-hearted.

I'm princess oink-oink.

Haiz feel so weird when i eat alone, feel as if the whole world is glaring strangely at me. Be it Food Court or Mac, i still cannot run away from their funny stares. Hey guys, if you're at orchard at around 12pm, pls drop by and have lunch with me? Appreciate many many. CALL ME!

So I will work there for approximately 2 months, ending 28th of october. After that, i need to find a perm job and stay for a very very long period of time. I have the urge to decorate my new cubicle! (only for perm job lah, temp i abit paiseh, although i've already brought a dog there to accompany me. Haaaa.)

For my new cubicle:
1) A funny-looking mug.
2) A funny-looking tick-tock clock.
3) Some decorative items.
4) Lovely pictures with me and my sisters.
5) My PPG's figurines.
6) Stickers for the LCD screen!

Weee. So excited~ So die die also must find a job after this STB temp. =)

Alright, for passer-by arh.. i shall give you the html codes for music:

If you are a html literate, go view => source and look out for the "embed" html code, you might want to copy and paste the codes so it will be more hassle-free.

*Paiseh, can't copy and paste here, blogger doesn't allow..

That's all, pretty easy huh? But one thing, you might only want to put songs in .mp3 format, 'coz .wma format makes the player look very odd.

Okay, i shall rest now. Will continue other day!

*Ohhh, i lurve friday, saturday & sunday.*