Monday, September 05, 2005


If i were to release a book call...

Will anyone pre-order this book from me?


It's the very first time i've encounter this. So far, all my bosses from all kinda companies have been nice to me. They are always so concern about me, eg. ask me to have lunch with them when lunch-break is near, ask me to go back when it's time to knock-off. But my these current super-natural managers are really @#%&#^*# lor...

Can't really stand that particular boss of mine. She arh, always push blames to me when she don't even know the kinda instruction she gave me was never clear enough.

Whatever the case, i've decided to murder her so.. stay tune !! Once i've released the book i will give you guys a book each. You can murder your own colleagues after reading... =)

More feedback pls!

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