Friday, September 09, 2005


8.20am. Friday. Erm.. nice weather =)

Okay, don't be surprised 'coz i'm blogging as this hour. Haaaa, i've decided not to turn up for work since i'm having diarrhoea~ Woooooo i took a good half-day leave yesterday too. Which means.. it's a super long weekend for me. =) i'm enjoying this small break as much as i can, so i do not intend to sleep. I'm going surf my net until my comp gets burnt. Wahahaha.. pardon me. =D

This 2 weeks i haven been going online regularly. Each visit is definitely no more than 2 hours. This is so not like me huh, i used to spend approximately 10 hours everyday. Don't ask me what i do online.. 'Cause everyone asked me about it and i have no answers. Haaaaa.

At this time i would have reached the Ang Mo Kio station, sulking at all the working ppl who's in the cabin. Squeezing of ppl, meeting unconsiderate babarians, looking at the empty seat which is suddenly occupied in less than a sec.. so on and so fourth. But today it's different! I'm staying at home, laughing at those who went for work today. =D

And excuse me, i'm having diarrhoea okay, so i'm not exactly fortunate. Actually 45 mins ago, im still struggling if i should go for work. I've some pending stuff to be completed today, and i certainly believe there's no one else in the office who can do that sdf application. My bosses really sucks big time lor. After struggling over and over again, i decided i move out of the house. I switched off my comp and walk out of my room with my bag and sweater but in less than a min, i went back to my room, turn on my comp once again and sat happily on my chair.

Who cares about the sdf application.

So i changed into my causal home wear and threw my bag and sweater away. =)

Here i am, blogging. Haaaaaa, didn't managed to blog these few days and hands are feeling itchy yea. Wanted to type a really long loong looong entry but no matter how i see it, it's still kinda short. Nevermind it, content nice can liao. *puke, puking, puked, pui!*

Tml is a BBQ day! Erm.. now i'm wondering if i can still go? Well.. for the sake of the potato salad, i think i better go lah. It's too much of a temptation. Haaaaaaa!!! and.. MOONCAKES!!


Alright guys, i've to call my boss regarding the sdf application. If he claims that he cannot do it, probably i have to make my way down to orchard to do the application for him. Sux right.

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