Saturday, September 17, 2005


I have something in my throat but i couldn't voice out.

Maybe it's due to the previous bad experience i had, now.. i'm afraid that the same thing might just happen over and over again.

I thought a blog is somewhere i could share different things at different angles, different perspectives. Well.. maybe i shouldn't go further.

* * * * *

I'm changing job, guys. I'm gonna leave STB and join cathay org. Erm, once again.. it's not any fantastic job. Just a temp marketing assistant with a 4 months contract. If i'm lucky, probably they will make me a perm staff.. well, i think that's almost impossible. Haaaaa.

YEAH! Going for bbq later~! Erm, think we bought too much food, looks like we aint gonna finish them. Hahaha, too many hotdogs, too many crabsticks! (I dun like hotdog la, but lurves crabstick!) and my all-time-favorites => NUGGETS dipped with honey! Whoa help help help.. very nice! And yea i almost forgot.. MOONCAKES!! Well, have to buy 'em on the way to the bbq i guess. =)

Tonight it's gonna be a happy and memorable night, i know.. i just know it.

Weeee, have a nice weekend guys!

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