Saturday, September 24, 2005

Girls live for the sake of LOVE.

Sometimes i'm contradicting myself. Certain things I say might not be what or how i feel. Maybe i'm just too afraid to expose my true feelings, or.. maybe i'm really feeling the way i thought i am feeling.

* * * * *

Xue told me that mostly woman live for the sake of love. 70% of my friends are single, so i might not understand the logic quite well.

Xue's buddies around her are mostly attached, except for me i guess. Haaaa. Sometimes she has to meet up with the couples, awww.. she must be feeling very awkward. Erm.. I don't know, but if i'm the one i will feel super awkward, i might just find a bf for the sake of finding. Oops.

Seriously.. not that i dun believe in love. It's just too hard for me to fall in love with another person. 1000 over people, maybe i will only like one and very high possibility (as high as 99%) that person won't like me. So... back to square one.

Yes i want to get married, thats for sure. Since i can't find the right one, i would have to look in for other criteria like rich, charming, tall.. so on and so fourth.

Oh yah almost forgot.. they wont choose me too!! Argh, then rich lor.. 'cause i dun wanna work. Haaaaa.

Guys who's not really good-looking need not worry that they can't look for someone pretty. In fact, they are the ones who can walk away with pretty young ladies! Mostly girls look for character and not looks. (except for me lah) If the guy really make her touched by doing certain things, the girl will love him with all her heart.

Guys.. different hor.

Guys are visual animals. (quoted from somewhere) The first thing they want in a girlfriend is looks, then big boobs. haiz... how can like that? Of course there are lots of other guys out there who don't care about these. I've seen them, and yeah.. they exist but not too many.

So after one big round, i think i like gays.

Why not?

They are sensitive towards our feelings and i think they're real cute. Not only cute, i think they're very special. Of course i'm not saying those "bapok" lah.. I'm refering to those who behave in a feminine way, but not those after operation kind. They're a special kind of people, and i like them.

Ohhh, too far away from my topic. Yesh, mostly girls live for the sake of love, but not for my case. I know you guys will start saying "Aiya, once she finds her 'right' one, she will become another person lah." Not exactly, 'cause I'm sort of a practical person. In love, i can foresee myself in a very 'clear-headed' relationship.

That's me. hee.

* * * * *

If you're wondering why i manage to come online again, maybe it's because of my luck? Hee. Who knows the next time i might not be able switch on my comp? Things happen without any premonition.

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