Saturday, September 03, 2005


Yea people, i seldom blog these few days because.. i've found a job!! Haaaa, it's not any fantastic job.. erm, it's just a temp job at Singapore Tourism Board. I work as a temp officer in the HR department, doing super, pure admin job.

Eh pay wise.. only $7.50 per hour. The previous girl was taking $8 per hour T.T, think it's because i didnt negotiate with the agency. Awww shud have right, then shud be able to take more income home. More money to shop too!!

Well, basically these few days i'm having my lunch alone at Tanglin Mall. My bosses don't really bother about where did i go for lunch, who i'm going with, so on. They went lunch on their own and totally forget about my existence. T.T super sad right? They went lunch before me and didn't bother to ask me along, so black-hearted.

I'm princess oink-oink.

Haiz feel so weird when i eat alone, feel as if the whole world is glaring strangely at me. Be it Food Court or Mac, i still cannot run away from their funny stares. Hey guys, if you're at orchard at around 12pm, pls drop by and have lunch with me? Appreciate many many. CALL ME!

So I will work there for approximately 2 months, ending 28th of october. After that, i need to find a perm job and stay for a very very long period of time. I have the urge to decorate my new cubicle! (only for perm job lah, temp i abit paiseh, although i've already brought a dog there to accompany me. Haaaa.)

For my new cubicle:
1) A funny-looking mug.
2) A funny-looking tick-tock clock.
3) Some decorative items.
4) Lovely pictures with me and my sisters.
5) My PPG's figurines.
6) Stickers for the LCD screen!

Weee. So excited~ So die die also must find a job after this STB temp. =)

Alright, for passer-by arh.. i shall give you the html codes for music:

If you are a html literate, go view => source and look out for the "embed" html code, you might want to copy and paste the codes so it will be more hassle-free.

*Paiseh, can't copy and paste here, blogger doesn't allow..

That's all, pretty easy huh? But one thing, you might only want to put songs in .mp3 format, 'coz .wma format makes the player look very odd.

Okay, i shall rest now. Will continue other day!

*Ohhh, i lurve friday, saturday & sunday.*

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