Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Comp died

Now you see me, now you don't.

It aint anything spooky, it's juz that my comp is dying on me.. All the viruses came at the bloody same time! I have no time to analyse them, so i might just disappear from this internet world anyday, anytime.

I might not be able to blog, i might just lose everything i have in my lovely comp. She used to be so healthy and 24/7, always working well. What's going on.. what causes it to become like that??

I'm feeling so exhausted after work, i dun wan to face a comp with so many problems. Temp dialer, spyware pop-ups, stupid looking toolbars, free porn. All these once disappeared in my life, and now it's back again. How cruel. How funny.

I thought i always have a way with these silly viruses..

And now i'm just one of the victim.

Now i can only pray that my comp will slowly and automatically recover by its ownself (like every other time). And soon i'll be able to roam around other webby without feeling disturbed.. .. ..

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