Tuesday, September 27, 2005


So we are going to get sued for insulting others thru blogging.

We can't talk about other ppl, not even if it's named anonymous. What the hell, i thought this is suppose to be like a diary? 5 JC students are forced to stop schooling for 3 days just because they blog about their principal. I couldn't believe the news, blog is supposed to be somewhere that we can bitch about anything. Now, you want us to close our blog or.. blog about education? Blog about cos, sin and tan? Blog about "Hao Gong Ming" or "CME"?

If someone steal my wallet and i got a chance to blog his/her pic up, are the police officers gonna track him/her down? Will they believe in what i've written in the blog? Same thing, if i blog about this so and so person, saying i want to murder him or her, will i be charged?

Very kns lor, we still have to delete the entry and make a public apology for that. This is getting ridiculous.. Next time i'm gonna write my thoughts and views in my diary book and circulate it around for you guys to read. Erm, i think that's the safest way? I don't wanna be jailed for writing nonsense.

There are alot of new laws now, eg: no smoking in blah blah areas, no pointing of "international sign", no blogging and insulting others.


I'm gonna migrate!

The comments above are of own views, pls do not take it seriously. IT'S ALL FICITIONAL.


* * * * *

Anyway i've received a compliment today.

"Are you always that quiet?" - From my colleague who know me less than 2 days. Try one more week and you'll regret what you've said.

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