Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Well, recently i feel like a zombie.. didn't sleep well for the whole week. =(

Yesterday i'm basically trying to catch some sleep at my workplace...

20% - fell asleep
20% - almost fell asleep, screensaver running*
40% - staring at the monitor, trying my best to open my eyes
10% - going to loo, walking around
10% - doing work

*normally when i'm about to sleep, i tend to visualize some images where i couldn't remember right after i open my eyes. I called that a screensaver. Anyone experienced that before? Oooo, looks like i'm the only one? awww.

What resulted me to behave in this manner? Not me, but my bosses! For goodness sake, they haven't been passing me any work after knowing about my departure. Yeah, i know i'm leaving soon but at least give me some work to do right! %#!@&@##!!! I'm like soooo BORED. So bored therefore so sleepy. So sleepy therefore i have no choice but to sleep. Hee. I can even sleep when i'm 'half-way' listening to what my boss was saying. (almost bang into the monitor =x)

Yesterday i actually thought of blogging before i'm off to bed, but i was too tired to even think. Erm, so around 10.30pm, i went to bed and *tink* ... i think i felt asleep after like 1 min? or.. 20 sec? Was so bloody tired~ and i woke up super late this morning. =p

And yeah! i'm leaving this friday and i'm taking a temp with me. Yesh, she quitted too and we're leaving on the same day! She was employed by my director and well, was scolded for leaving the company. Luckily i don't have to suffer so much, reason being... my pay is low. Hahaha.

A new temp (19 yrs old!) is coming this friday~ yupp, she's there to cover for my position. Whoa, at least i have someone to talk to yea. But the funny part is.. why has it gotta be my last day?! Someone so my age... we will have so many topics to share, but too bad.. think she will suffer what i'm suffering. Tsk tsk. =D

New company next week! I'm gonna get a super cute mug and some decorative items. Yea yea i know it's only for 4 months but i just want to feel belong mah. Erm, maybe i should get a small pillow. Erm, you don't call that a pillow.. erm what's the name for it? Arh, couldn't remember at this moment... *yawns*

Alright alright it's time to bid goodbye~ good nitez. tataZzz!!

*Okay, i will blog whatever i want to share, and ppl.. pls be patient with me. Read and forget, okay?

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