Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New Year updates

This New Year is not exactly a good one for me (apart from the collection of ang-baos), many things happened and unfortunately none of them are good news.

Firstly I have my cousin filing separation after a marriage of less than 4 years; getting divorce is no big deal now but the guy she married to is a totally jerk tt conned not only my cousins, but my cousin's friends and friends' friends money.

That's alot of money mind you, and all of them were gambled away...

This left my cousin with damn lot of loans to return including her families, her relatives, her friends, friends' friends and insurance company.

We are talking about more than 30, 40 thousands here; which makes me kinda surprise 'cause my cousin appears to be very rational to me. Love really makes one blind... Anyway, this jerk also cheated his company's funds (which is also 10 over thousands) so all of us hope that he will go to jail. YES.

Another of my relatives is diagnosed with cancer and i really hope things will seriously turn for the better. Yes this is not any new stories but heard that her health is deteriorating... just hope she will recover soon. =(

Besides this two major happenings, there's still some supernatural things going on which is unexplained and somehow all these things are affecting me very much.

Therefore i didn't enjoy my new year very much this year, also with girl girl crying every now and then when someone tries to carry her. She just kept crying and crying and crying...


Well, it's rather late now so i've got to turn in. Tomorrow all of them will be coming my hse so i need to do the part 2 of spring cleaning. Tedious man.


Next... please see girl girl's latest pics:

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy New Year

Wanna wish all a Happy New Year!

This year of the pig, i wish all a Prosperous New Year, with good fortune and wealth!

Enjoy your holidays and may happiness follow you all year round!

Gong Xi Gong Xi
Qianqian with Love

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Finally finally finally...

I'm back.

Now i realise how patriotic i am! Totally miss my home like crazy. I miss my bed, my family and Singapore Dollars!!! Please i really cannot read the Baht notes. Have to turn here turn there to see how much it is. This is not the main point but anyway... It's good to know how much you love your country.


Let me start on my trip to SIN - BKK on Sunday. Man, time flies isn't it.

This was taken when i'm at Mac Cafe, with my Mango Shake and my companion to BKK, my laptop.

The feeling of waiting for my flight at the Airport alone is actually quite enjoyable. Yes really! HAAAA think i should start travelling alone yea.

A peep out from the Mac Cafe.

In the plane, obviously. B-O-R-E-D.

This was what I had for dinner, well... it's not really that nice. =.=

Surprisely I did not lose my way in BKK airport or to the Taxi Stand! Somehow i reach there safely, took my luggage and board the taxi without having to worry about anything. I'm sure you'all know those taxi uncle will try to make you pay more for the cab fare. Most of my colleagues are paying 400 to 1,000 baht but i only have to pay 300 baht (inclusive of highway charges). Yesh it's run by meter and the uncle is absolutely honest.

Claps for the uncle!

My room! Go go go, go buy 4D. Thats if you can see.

Inside da room; yeah it's rather ordinary. HAAAAA.

Seriously during my stay in the hotel i've never once switched on the TV. Erm.. don't think there will be anything nice programmes to watch anyway.

The bath tubby; She's my best friend. :)

The toilet bowl and the showering compartment. Erm... yesh again nothing extraordinary.

Below shows the scenery from my room...

Sunset of BKK.

Buildings, Railways, Houses, etc...

Super duper heavy traffic. The cars don't move; really!

Here comes the legend of the Stupid Coke Light. For more information, please read my last entry. AND YESH I'M STILL NOT VERY HAPPY tho my VP has already foot the bill. Argh. Somemore it's still a COKE LIGHT when i ask for a COKE.

Oh yes oh yes! New year goodies from my yan-dao director. He's always that good to us. (Note: Anyone see anything besides the canned food? Maggie Mee?? Haaaaaa.)

YESH Maggie Mee! This is my breakfast for today. I'm totally getting sick of the buffet breakfast they provide. Same same everyday. Pui.

TADAH!! Finally... home sweet home.

Somehow besides writing minutes and eating i realise i did nothing meaningful. Oh, maybe for my half an hour shopping at MBK. That's all.

Everyday i have meeting from 9am - 6pm and it's very tedious and mentally torturing. For the Service Meeting i have my service guys nodding and making notes in the meeting; for the sales meeting it's completely different. It's like going on to a war. Being a part of the Sales, i find it interesting rather than the boring service meeting. HAAAA.

Okay lah, i'm going for my dinner already. Had too much good food so now i must go on a diet!


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A can of STUPID coke LIGHT


I'm all alone in my room when my sales guys are having fun at some pub. Argh, feeling so tired but i still needa come online 'cause the broadband doesn't come cheap ya know. It's like 450 Baht for a day and i don't think i'm able to claim that amount since this is my private laptop. (For 4 days it's like SGD80.00 already!)

Though i did some of my work using my private laptop but still... Yup. I don't think i can live without internet 'cause i was nearly bored to death the last time i came!

And yea, today's lunch i went for the buffet in the hotel and there's this waitress who came over and asked what drinks i would like to have? She said, "Coke or @$%$@%^$#%#$%@^?" The rest i couldn't figured out so i ordered Coke. My China Sales Manager ordered the same drinks as me, i guessed he couldn't understand either... or he tried to follow me. Haaaa.

So what happen was, what arrived was a coke light (yea i was quite delighted 'cause i thought i could go on some kinda diet), yesh and i drank happily when the same waitress came over with 2 bills and forced me and my manager to sign on it.

Total Bill: 105baht.

And hey that was only my bill. Goodness. ARE YOU TELLING ME ONE STUPID CAN OF COKE IS LIKE SGD4.50 EACH??? I don't think Cafe cartel charge that high for a can of coke and YEAH IT'S A BLOODY COKE LIGHT.

I don't know, i don't know! I thought this is bangkok???

Anyway, one of my colleagues sitting on the next table asked me and my manager to sign and write our room number on it (to be charge to our account) 'cause it's useless to argue (we thought buffet means everything is UNDER THE FUCKING BILL); i think he also kena this the previous day... SAME BOAT HUH.

Well i don't know why i was angry, maybe it's because the waitress didn't tell us in advance that it should be under our own bill and not my company's.

It's not that i couldn't afford that small amount of money but... somehow it's not expected and i LOATHE that.

I took a photo of the stupid coke light, and along with some others during my trip ALONE to this foreign land.

Erm took one pic on the plane when food was served (wasn't supposed to!!); i tried to switch on the phone, take the pic, off the phone using my super ultra maximum speed. Whole process don't take more than 1 min i guess. HAAAA.

Was happy with the results when i viewed the photo in my phone.

My suggestion is, if there's nothing impt please do not on your phone during the fly as it's not safe to do that. (Tho taking photos is sometimes impt. Woopx.) Your phone would probably interrupt the whatever thing and i dunno what will happen? Chi-Cha-BOOM??? No lah, maybe only turbulence. *shrugs

Okay, will upload the photos once i'm back home. Didn't bring my usb cable along so... nothing can be done at the moment.

Alright, time to go to bed. I'm so tired after straight 2 days of meeting. There's still another one tml and it's not going to be easy yea.



Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sha Gua

Ouhhh, too long since i last blog huh.

Erm... no girl girl's pic at the moment. Don't know when since i stopped taking her photos. Not that she is not cute anymore but i'm just too lazy. She looks the same anyway. Wahahaha.

She's now on her walker, strolling here and there in my little room. She loves my room i would say; she always stroll into my room and not others. *wink

This little girl, once you stop playing with her she will make tons of funny noises to get your attention. Then she start to put everything into her mouth, or pull anything that has a strap.

There's once when i call her girl girl and she immediately turn back, i was thinking "She know that's her name already??", so i tried to call her again and yea she turn back! I decided to try other names as well, so i called her baobei! She turned. I called her Sha Gua! She turned again. Ok, so basically she will response to any of the names I called. HAAAA.

Yes we secretly call her Sha Gua. WAHAHA. Without my sis knowing of course. =)

Ok see, now she's making noise already. I've gotta carry her around... so cya!