Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A can of STUPID coke LIGHT


I'm all alone in my room when my sales guys are having fun at some pub. Argh, feeling so tired but i still needa come online 'cause the broadband doesn't come cheap ya know. It's like 450 Baht for a day and i don't think i'm able to claim that amount since this is my private laptop. (For 4 days it's like SGD80.00 already!)

Though i did some of my work using my private laptop but still... Yup. I don't think i can live without internet 'cause i was nearly bored to death the last time i came!

And yea, today's lunch i went for the buffet in the hotel and there's this waitress who came over and asked what drinks i would like to have? She said, "Coke or @$%$@%^$#%#$%@^?" The rest i couldn't figured out so i ordered Coke. My China Sales Manager ordered the same drinks as me, i guessed he couldn't understand either... or he tried to follow me. Haaaa.

So what happen was, what arrived was a coke light (yea i was quite delighted 'cause i thought i could go on some kinda diet), yesh and i drank happily when the same waitress came over with 2 bills and forced me and my manager to sign on it.

Total Bill: 105baht.

And hey that was only my bill. Goodness. ARE YOU TELLING ME ONE STUPID CAN OF COKE IS LIKE SGD4.50 EACH??? I don't think Cafe cartel charge that high for a can of coke and YEAH IT'S A BLOODY COKE LIGHT.

I don't know, i don't know! I thought this is bangkok???

Anyway, one of my colleagues sitting on the next table asked me and my manager to sign and write our room number on it (to be charge to our account) 'cause it's useless to argue (we thought buffet means everything is UNDER THE FUCKING BILL); i think he also kena this the previous day... SAME BOAT HUH.

Well i don't know why i was angry, maybe it's because the waitress didn't tell us in advance that it should be under our own bill and not my company's.

It's not that i couldn't afford that small amount of money but... somehow it's not expected and i LOATHE that.

I took a photo of the stupid coke light, and along with some others during my trip ALONE to this foreign land.

Erm took one pic on the plane when food was served (wasn't supposed to!!); i tried to switch on the phone, take the pic, off the phone using my super ultra maximum speed. Whole process don't take more than 1 min i guess. HAAAA.

Was happy with the results when i viewed the photo in my phone.

My suggestion is, if there's nothing impt please do not on your phone during the fly as it's not safe to do that. (Tho taking photos is sometimes impt. Woopx.) Your phone would probably interrupt the whatever thing and i dunno what will happen? Chi-Cha-BOOM??? No lah, maybe only turbulence. *shrugs

Okay, will upload the photos once i'm back home. Didn't bring my usb cable along so... nothing can be done at the moment.

Alright, time to go to bed. I'm so tired after straight 2 days of meeting. There's still another one tml and it's not going to be easy yea.



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