Thursday, February 08, 2007


Finally finally finally...

I'm back.

Now i realise how patriotic i am! Totally miss my home like crazy. I miss my bed, my family and Singapore Dollars!!! Please i really cannot read the Baht notes. Have to turn here turn there to see how much it is. This is not the main point but anyway... It's good to know how much you love your country.


Let me start on my trip to SIN - BKK on Sunday. Man, time flies isn't it.

This was taken when i'm at Mac Cafe, with my Mango Shake and my companion to BKK, my laptop.

The feeling of waiting for my flight at the Airport alone is actually quite enjoyable. Yes really! HAAAA think i should start travelling alone yea.

A peep out from the Mac Cafe.

In the plane, obviously. B-O-R-E-D.

This was what I had for dinner, well... it's not really that nice. =.=

Surprisely I did not lose my way in BKK airport or to the Taxi Stand! Somehow i reach there safely, took my luggage and board the taxi without having to worry about anything. I'm sure you'all know those taxi uncle will try to make you pay more for the cab fare. Most of my colleagues are paying 400 to 1,000 baht but i only have to pay 300 baht (inclusive of highway charges). Yesh it's run by meter and the uncle is absolutely honest.

Claps for the uncle!

My room! Go go go, go buy 4D. Thats if you can see.

Inside da room; yeah it's rather ordinary. HAAAAA.

Seriously during my stay in the hotel i've never once switched on the TV. Erm.. don't think there will be anything nice programmes to watch anyway.

The bath tubby; She's my best friend. :)

The toilet bowl and the showering compartment. Erm... yesh again nothing extraordinary.

Below shows the scenery from my room...

Sunset of BKK.

Buildings, Railways, Houses, etc...

Super duper heavy traffic. The cars don't move; really!

Here comes the legend of the Stupid Coke Light. For more information, please read my last entry. AND YESH I'M STILL NOT VERY HAPPY tho my VP has already foot the bill. Argh. Somemore it's still a COKE LIGHT when i ask for a COKE.

Oh yes oh yes! New year goodies from my yan-dao director. He's always that good to us. (Note: Anyone see anything besides the canned food? Maggie Mee?? Haaaaaa.)

YESH Maggie Mee! This is my breakfast for today. I'm totally getting sick of the buffet breakfast they provide. Same same everyday. Pui.

TADAH!! Finally... home sweet home.

Somehow besides writing minutes and eating i realise i did nothing meaningful. Oh, maybe for my half an hour shopping at MBK. That's all.

Everyday i have meeting from 9am - 6pm and it's very tedious and mentally torturing. For the Service Meeting i have my service guys nodding and making notes in the meeting; for the sales meeting it's completely different. It's like going on to a war. Being a part of the Sales, i find it interesting rather than the boring service meeting. HAAAA.

Okay lah, i'm going for my dinner already. Had too much good food so now i must go on a diet!


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