Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sha Gua

Ouhhh, too long since i last blog huh.

Erm... no girl girl's pic at the moment. Don't know when since i stopped taking her photos. Not that she is not cute anymore but i'm just too lazy. She looks the same anyway. Wahahaha.

She's now on her walker, strolling here and there in my little room. She loves my room i would say; she always stroll into my room and not others. *wink

This little girl, once you stop playing with her she will make tons of funny noises to get your attention. Then she start to put everything into her mouth, or pull anything that has a strap.

There's once when i call her girl girl and she immediately turn back, i was thinking "She know that's her name already??", so i tried to call her again and yea she turn back! I decided to try other names as well, so i called her baobei! She turned. I called her Sha Gua! She turned again. Ok, so basically she will response to any of the names I called. HAAAA.

Yes we secretly call her Sha Gua. WAHAHA. Without my sis knowing of course. =)

Ok see, now she's making noise already. I've gotta carry her around... so cya!

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