Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New Year updates

This New Year is not exactly a good one for me (apart from the collection of ang-baos), many things happened and unfortunately none of them are good news.

Firstly I have my cousin filing separation after a marriage of less than 4 years; getting divorce is no big deal now but the guy she married to is a totally jerk tt conned not only my cousins, but my cousin's friends and friends' friends money.

That's alot of money mind you, and all of them were gambled away...

This left my cousin with damn lot of loans to return including her families, her relatives, her friends, friends' friends and insurance company.

We are talking about more than 30, 40 thousands here; which makes me kinda surprise 'cause my cousin appears to be very rational to me. Love really makes one blind... Anyway, this jerk also cheated his company's funds (which is also 10 over thousands) so all of us hope that he will go to jail. YES.

Another of my relatives is diagnosed with cancer and i really hope things will seriously turn for the better. Yes this is not any new stories but heard that her health is deteriorating... just hope she will recover soon. =(

Besides this two major happenings, there's still some supernatural things going on which is unexplained and somehow all these things are affecting me very much.

Therefore i didn't enjoy my new year very much this year, also with girl girl crying every now and then when someone tries to carry her. She just kept crying and crying and crying...


Well, it's rather late now so i've got to turn in. Tomorrow all of them will be coming my hse so i need to do the part 2 of spring cleaning. Tedious man.


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