Saturday, September 13, 2008

Office Politics

Some friendships do change.

Even 10, 20 years of friendship might turn ugly one day.


My Sales Director and Service Director have been good friends for nearly a decade, however, things seem to be becoming from bad to worse for them.

From just plain unhappiness, it became HATRED... so much so that both of them could no longer talk to each other, and even if they do, it's just pretendence; just merely an act for others to see.

Can you imagine that, both of them were really good friends in the past, and my Sales Director was even the one who offered my Service Director the job for Sales Manager (previously)?

They used to sing in the same tune, protect each other dearly and cover up for each other during early days in the Company. It was after my Service Director got promoted from a Sales Manager, things started to change drastically.

I could feel the pain of my Service Director, where he got his promotion, but at the very same time, lost his very good friend. Maybe he was too eager into changing his mindset from a Manager to a Director, his bossy-ness started to piss almost everyone, including his very good friend. :(

Anyway, i know he did it for the interest of the Company... But he is being too insensitive and therefore, lead to this point of no return.

He is overly stress these few days due to the on-going Sales & Service war... And he also told me about things i shouldn't hear about my boss, but i think i totally agree with him. No doubts.

I hope things will change for the better seriously, 'cause 手心手背都是肉。I really LOVE the both of them and i dun wish to see either of them resigning from the Company...

Ouch. :(

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