Saturday, October 04, 2008

Best Airline

Most of the people told me that the best airline they've experienced is SIA.

Well, you've probably not fly Thai Airways yet.

No, I've not seen the world yet but I've tried flying different airlines, and I always look forward flying Thai, even the Safety Video attracts me totally! I'll make sure I finished the whole video before I go for the short nap. :)

I've not seen service with such genuineness, and this is not what other airlines are able to compete with. Correct me if i'm wrong?

Yes, SIA provides excellent service as well, but it seems that whenever they smile, it doesn't appear to be coming out from the bottom of their heart. Their smile fades off as they turn away from you... Do you have the same sentiments?

Yes? No? Doesn't really matter; it's not ethically wrong anyway. It's just that Thai really made an effort to be different from others. Or rather, its their culture that makes them glow!

No doubt SIA is always ranked the first, but i seriously think otherwise.

(Well, this sounds a little odd to be coming out of me, considering i'm someone rather patriotic! Com'on, i'm still proud of SIA!!)

Thai might not have the best food, best facilities, etc. but their unique airline service definitely outwin all other aspects. And that's what i love about Thai. :)

Enjoy the Safety Video, it's something that really warms my heart. :)

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