Wednesday, October 15, 2008

BBB Getaway

Apparently today marks the 3rd day of diahorrea, and i'm so not gonna do anything about it 'cause i know this doesn't come easy. :)

Omg. i'm ultimate gross.

Alright, came back from bintan a few days ago, didn't really enjoy the food there 'cause of the bloated-ness of my gastric... and just got recovered yesterday after taking the gastric pills. MY APPETITE IS BACK AGAIN! Might be a little too late, but it's better than having to starve for another 1 or 2 days.

Weather in bintan is kinda weird, sunny in 2 hours, rainy in another 1 hour... and we really have to get hold of the sun in order to get some quicking tanning, however not the case for me. I'm exactly the same shade before and after bintan. Okay, i guess my feet has gotten some tan!

*Eagerly trying to prove so*

We ordered a 7 course dinner at oleh-oleh, and seriously it's such a pity that i couldn't finish the oatmeal (from oatmeal prawn); i bet it sure taste super wonderfully with the rice!!

Mic and stacia damn enjoyed the crabs, while da jie was busy with her lemon chicken and kang-kong (with lotsa stem btw). Despite ordering so many dishes, it was rather cheap...! Well, maybe because the portion was small, but is more than enough for the 4 of us. :) Ermm, not the crabs tho!!

Couldn't get used to the kinda life i'm leading (home, work, school, home) when i'm back from bintan. Well, i couldn't really describe... it just feel rather strange in a way. Maybe i'm just not suitable to be a full time working slave... (which is not exactly the case since i'm always sitting infront of my laptop, letting the clock ticks away) =d

I'm looking forward for more travels next year!

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