Sunday, October 05, 2008

There's no hurry anymore

"Standing calmly at the crossroad, no desire to run
there's no hurry anymore when all is said and done"

I wonder how long would it takes me in order to experience this; sitting and resting at somewhere, slowly letting time pass by without having to do anything, without having to worry about anything.

Time is way too precious now, and we don't have enough time to just sit at somewhere and let the clock ticks away...

It would be wonderful if i'm able to take a long leave, travel to the other side of the world, sit at the cafe all by myself, listen to some good music and let the day pass. :)

Well, i guess we have just too much to worry and at times it's really really tiring! And yeah, that's when we seriously need a break from this busy city to somewhere, somewhere that's rather slow-paced, somewhere i have plenty of time to listen to the whhooossshhh of the ocean... and the tickling of the clock.

I guess i have to wait till my retirement for making these possible? Damn... i'm looking forward to this YET i don't want to grow old that soon.

Nevermind, at least i've something to look forward to this coming weekend!! WHOOOPEEE YAY!!

I'm going to let my hair down and enjoy every single bit of it. :)

There will be no more traveling until Mar'09, i guess it's gonna be a hard time for me! And i seriously hope my itchy fingers won't find its way to the budget airfare webby sites. HAAAA! That's normally the start of all sorrows!


Another start of a weekday, and i believe things will get better on it's own.

I have to keep the smile on my face. :)

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