Sunday, September 16, 2007

Leave? Or not?

Yes, i guess it's time to leave my job, yet again, the feeling of being lost, unable to get a job sorta haunts me over and over again.

What i can say is, there is nothing more to learn in my current job; everything practically repeats over and over again on a weekly basis.

From weekly reports to monthly reports and those stupid quotations which i have a ULTIMATE hard time dealing with the system! The part numbers just keep disappearing and it's really painful to spend 30 mins just finishing one quotation.

Besides that, i still have to deal with my ang moh counterpart when they don't even appreciate and only think full of themselves! Really makes me end up fuming and hitting my keyboard hard as if i'm hitting on their face.

But sometimes, i kinda like my job. I have perfect colleagues, perfect time management, perfect environment, perfect benefits.

Okay, not really perfect benefits. =(

Anyhow, i yearn to leave for a job where i can really learn and aids in my future endeavours. At least, at the very least if someone were to ask me what my company do, i don't have to reply: "we sell machines."

Sounds pretty unglam isn't it.

And the kinda machines we sell is really... ouh, no one have any idea what it is. Believe me, we can have senior colleagues not even knowing what our machine is working on and stuffs. I wasn't really interested to know either; but it was part of my job.

I know i've been treated good in this company; certainly i know my boss really wants me good. He has very high expectations of me, but i know i'm letting him down most of the time. Well, afterall i dun have any engineering background and those technical stuff really drives me crazy!

To my boss, he wants me to be exactly like him. The ability to think, plan and provide solution to customers. That's also why, most of the time he pissed me off and i really do feel like giving him a hard punch on his face!

I can't do it; i'm not like him. I still need probably another 5 years of experience before i can start thinking like him. But he will never get it; that explains why i'm so tired staying in this company.

He is always asking me to think, think, think and think. He don't accept my suggestion most of the time and kept asking why am i not thinking like him. Why! I don't know either!

I've already done my very very best. He knows it well enough. He says he recognises my ability but again, it's still not up to his expectation.


Simply mad lor!!


So... to leave or not to leave?

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