Thursday, June 05, 2008


I guess everyone loves to travel.

For me it's a super SUPER SUPER. :) Or rather something that keeps me going since working life is really... boring to the max.

After i've stop visiting BKK, i found out how much i missed there! Awww, especially the food, the culture, cheap taxi fares and super comfy massage by the gentle and soft-spoken thai girls. Heee. It's almost like my second home. I remembered how i use to travel there alone and do shopping at MBK by myself. :)

Miss the hotel to the max...! (Not the receptionist for sure ><) It's like just 5 big steps away from Nana Station! Damn accessible i tell ya and the room is freaking chioooo with the lightings and what i totally LURVE about the room is the super big mirror at the side of the bed.


The babes are traveling to BKK and seriously i can't help but to envy them! Pleaseeee, have lotsa fun and help to eat my share! Haaaaa, btw i miss MK like mad.

I'll be going to Phuket in July but i think it's not gonna be fun since i dread playing water sports and i think July - August may be truly a raining season. I should have book BKK then since it's exactly the same price as Phuket! *Strangle myselfffff*

I hope i can have some authentic thai food there besides seafood. Do they even have shopping? Erm, i think i'm most likely cheated by that bitch...

Well, if my company still continues to organise meetings in BKK, i would have travelled twice from Jan till now. =(

I could have bought their trendy clothes and sell over yahoo auction or ebay to earn extra cash! I could have, i could have eaten more MK and enjoyed more massages!

Erm... anyone wanna sponsor me?

*Oh, btw... earlier Jetstar was offering $150 airfare to HK ... I booked the fare already! Hehehehe but the travel period is like another one more year from now; I'm so worried i might completely forget about this. Haaaaa.

Again something to keep me going until next year!

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