Thursday, June 26, 2008

leaving... part 2

I'm facing some kind of dilemma here.

Previously i was annoyed, but seriously... after knowing that he is really leaving, i'm feeling very upset, and i'm sure many of them will feel the same way as i do.

He did apologize for leaving COMPANY, and i can see the struggle in him; but 天下没有不散之宴席...

He never fails to make me laugh with his silly/ yellow/ real funny jokes, and i'm sure i will miss those dirty plate aka 盘, sunflower and many many other jokes from him...

Any gatherings with his existence are always fun and unforgettable.

Well, our team will never be the same again. :(

You'll be greatly missed, Bro.

I believe we will definitely cross path in future, and i want to listen to those funny jokes of yours again! :)

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