Thursday, June 12, 2008


My workplace has always been so drama mama, and something happened today really makes me feel that the female lead would have gotten her award based on her behavior earlier.

She was basically throwing tantrums, screaming aloud while she’s on the phone with her director boss, tearing up her testimonial in front of one director’s face and throwing her things everywhere, crying and trying to catch her breath.

What the hell…?!

Com’ on lah, everyone dislikes her personality, and it’s only now then she knows that everyone is opposing her?

She yelled at her direct boss, threw her keys and stomped out of the office when no one is at fault; seriously she brought this upon herself.

The reason of her resignation is because of me, and we’re more than happy to know that she is leaving, thinking that all these dramas relating to her will end. Who is to know, more things actually happened?

She kept on saying that she has no regrets resigning from our company, and yes, we would also like to let her know that we have no regrets either. We NEVER have.

She has been creating a lot of problem earlier, and we are already thinking of ways to eliminate her from this company since more things will actually arise if she were to stay on.


Currently our office is back in peace; everyone is back to their emails and seems to have gotten over the messy situation that happened just 3 hours ago.

I thought I could hear birds chirping merrily outside.

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